Ammar to March 14: You are Not Our Enemies, But the Americans and Israelis are

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Ali Ammar stressed on Tuesday that the Americans and Israelis are Lebanon’s only enemies, reassuring the March 14 camp that they are not considered as enemies of the March 8 camp.

He said during the parliament session aimed at discussing the cabinet’s policy statement: “The American enemy created strife in Lebanon and the Arab world.”

“Since day one, the Resistance was subject to these enemies’ attempts to eliminate the weapons,” he remarked.

“While listening to all these speeches, I began to wonder, has Prime Minister Najib Miqati, the son of Tripoli, become a member of Hizbullah without my knowledge?” he asked in reference to March 14 MPs’ criticism of Miqati and the government policy statement.

Ammar added that the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri cannot be compared to any other crime.

“The martyr represents that entire ummah and not a sect or country,” he stressed.

Addressing MP Marwan Hamadeh, he said: “The July 2006 war was aimed at executing the Resistance, but it failed. It did not fall for the traps of strife that were set up for it.”

“Had the Resistance been destroyed, the STL would not have been formed, and an indictment would not have been issued,” he declared.

He concluded his fiery speech by granting the cabinet confidence.

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