Hizbullah MPs Slam STL Funding, Say Without Resistance Sharon Would've Been at Baabda

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Hasan Fadlallah said Wednesday that for the first time in Lebanon a government was formed away from any foreign interference, adding that the cabinet formation disappointed Washington.

“The U.S. will not find partners to cover up any security agreements,” he said during the second day of policy statement discussions at the parliament.

Fadlallah said that the cabinet has huge responsibilities and the Lebanese are depending on it.

Concerning the indictment in the probe into the assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri, the Hizbullah MP noted that “there’s a national unity over (revealing) the truth.”

“Shouldn’t those keen on revealing the truth be also keen on preserving the national contract?” Fadlallah wondered.

He refused any attempts by the cabinet to fund the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. “No to the tribunal, no to funding the court.”

The MP said that “the main goal of the March 14 coalition is to “hold onto power.”

Fadlallah addressed Miqati saying that “you are inheriting a heavy legacy; However, we trust that you can bear it.”

He defended Hizbullah’s arms, urging the state to remove all private weapons held by the citizens. “All arms should be targeted against Israel to defend Lebanon.”

“Had it not been for the resistance, (former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon would have been at Baabda Palace right now,” the lawmaker added.

Another Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Ali Fayyad said that the cabinet will not “collapse” and the policy statement will not be modified.

He said during the discussion of the policy statement at the parliament that the Bristol meeting held by the March 14 forces was an indirect invitation to the Arab world and international community to boycott the cabinet.

“The invitation to boycott the government belongs to the no-state logic,” Fayyad remarked.

The MP said that “Miqati’s government is not one-sided and it abides by the requirements of Lebanese national democracy.”

Fayyad stressed that the Resistance was formed because of the ongoing vacuum in international justice as the international community did not assume its responsibilities towards the Lebanese people. Now it is seeking revenge against the resistance simply because it defeated Israel.

Concerning the international tribunal, the Hizbullah MP confirmed “the STL as a just cause, but it is being used to create harm.”

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