Maronite Bishops Council: We Hope Cabinet Would Abide by International Resolutions

The Maronite Bishops Council hoped on Wednesday that the new cabinet would be granted confidence by parliament in order for it to tackle the people’s concerns.

It said after its monthly meeting headed by Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi: “We hope it will assume its responsibilities during this dangerous period in Lebanon and the region.”

“On the internal scene, it should work on bridging the gap between the rival political camps and unite them in order to address social, economic, and humanitarian issues,” it stressed in a statement.

“On the external scene, it should respect agreements and abide by international resolutions,” it added.

Furthermore, it noted that the release of the indictment in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon while parliament was preparing to discuss the government policy statement served to deepen the divide between the Lebanese.

The statement urged all politicians to maintain “civilized democratic rhetoric, unify their ranks, uncover the truth, and achieve justice, which would help put an end to political assassinations and strife in Lebanon.”

The Maronite bishops also voiced their concern over the unrest in some regional countries, calling on the Lebanese to be wary of the spread of strife to Lebanon.

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