Zahra: March 14 Camp Never Assumed Power Despite Winning 2 Parliamentary Polls

Lebanese Forces MP Antoine Zahra stated on Wednesday that the March 14 camp never assumed power in Lebanon, indirectly implying that the March 8 camp had prevented it from performing its mission.

He said during the parliament session aimed at discussing the cabinet policy statement: “The March 14 camp won two parliamentary elections, but it never held power, even if the prime minister was affiliated with the camp.”

“This government has returned us to the dark ages of politics,” he stressed.

“Some sides have criticized the fact that there are no female ministers in the new government, but I congratulate the Lebanese woman for not being involved in this abnormal government,” the MP added.

Addressing Prime Minister Najib Miqati, he stated: “You and your camp were unable to change one word in the policy statement.”

“If this cabinet is destined for a long life, then I hope that you will warn some ministers, whom we have worked with in the past, that this is a cabinet working for state institutions and not anything else,” Zahra said.

“The prime minister should announce the government’s policies and no one else,” he stated.

“The cabinet is formed of ministers and not a master of ministers,” the opposition MP declared.

“We will congratulate you on any accomplishment, but we won’t remain silent over any violation and I will therefore withhold confidence from the cabinet,” he concluded.

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