Tehran Says Iran-Saudi Security is Linked


Iran believes Saudi Arabia's security is linked to its own security, an Iranian foreign ministry official said Wednesday, reacting to a Saudi allegation that Tehran was "targeting" the kingdom.

"Iran has always wanted the stability, peace and progress of Saudi Arabia," the Fars news agency quoted the unidentified official as saying.

"The security of Saudi Arabia and Iran are linked and the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the security of Saudi Arabia is like its own security," the official said.

Saudi Arabia's al-Eqtissadiya daily on Monday quoted interior minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz as saying that the kingdom, which has been shaken by a wave of bloody attacks by al-Qaida, was still threatened by terrorism.

He referred to "Iran and its targeting of the kingdom," but did not elaborate.

The Iranian official expressed "surprise" at such claims, saying they were "baseless and aimed at creating doubts among the countries of the region."

Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia rose sharply in March when Saudi troops intervened in Bahrain to help the Gulf kingdom's Sunni ruling family suppress month-long protests led by its Shiite majority community, triggering angry protests from Tehran.

Tensions between Shiite Iran and its Gulf Arab neighbors have eased in recent weeks, together with a reduction in angry exchanges between the two nations.

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Default-user-icon may 7 (Guest) 31 August 2011, 15:42

do you notice how both Syria & Iran rattle the same crap, ie linking security to another country.

Default-user-icon TITUS (Guest) 31 August 2011, 16:35

LOL what a "Farce"! Yes the Iranian criminal terrorist sponsoring regime wishes Peace for all its neighbours just like it wishes and continue to wish Peace for Iraq (thousands of Iranian trained terrorist blowing people up there), and Bahrain (where they have incited violence), Lebanon (where they still finance and send weapons to their criminal terrorist subordinate organization Hezb Ebola which have perfected the "art" of murdering the Lebanese in cold blood and continues to destroy the state), Afghanistan where they send their terrorists in destabilize it, and bring back the criminal Taliban to power, In egypt where their puppets Hezb Ebola where busy inciting Muslims against Christians, In Lybia where they were sabbotaging the oil installations.... Really what would the world do without the filthy Iranian 7th century regime?? What ?? Peace, Prosperity, development, happiness, tolerance, Freedom, Democracy, .... No the Diaperheaded supreme criminal won't have that ofcourse.