12 Wounded in Clash over Basketball Game in Deir al-Qamar

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Twelve people were wounded on Friday when clashes broke out between supporters of the Deir al-Qamar and the Tawheed basketball teams, reported the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat on Sunday.

Knives and guns were used in the clash that first started as a fistfight between the two sides.

The political powers in the area soon intervened to end the dispute.

The clash erupted when the supporters hurled curses at each other over the basketball game.

The verbal insults soon turned violent when armed supporters of Wiam Wahhab’s Tawheed movement arrived at the scene, revealed security sources to the daily.

The army soon took control of the situation as contacts were made between Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat, Wahhab, and the Deir al-Qamar municipality.

Ten people were arrested in the incident.

The army command issued a statement on Saturday over the dispute, saying that four people were injured and the weapons at the scene were confiscated.

Wahhab condemned the incident, demanding in a statement that “the greatest disciplinary measures be taken against all sides involved without exception.”

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Default-user-icon Choura2yak (Guest) 04 September 2011, 10:41

The real Misery of our political life , that is affecting everything, even sports ... we will never be able to have a proper competitive level in any Sports field unless Politicians will move away from our soci-economic-sport-environment life!

Thumb shab 04 September 2011, 12:58

Primitive people support primitive "leaders"

Default-user-icon Citizen-1 (Guest) 04 September 2011, 14:00

This thug Wahab needs a million years to be admitted to a cell in a zoo in a civilized nation.....

Default-user-icon may 7 (Guest) 04 September 2011, 14:48

i am shocked that wahhab has more then 2 supporters, ie his mum & dad

Default-user-icon amirmansour (Guest) 04 September 2011, 14:53

Sad and Bad
Blind followers do blind actions in a Blind society led by Blind Goons

Default-user-icon Guy Fawkes (Guest) 04 September 2011, 15:40

Sick of the lies visit


Thumb ithinkthere14iam 04 September 2011, 17:50

Criminal jerk

Default-user-icon M60 (Guest) 04 September 2011, 19:03

With 10 people injured over a game of basketball ,I guess playing sport in Lebanon is a dangerous pastime.The Lebanese should go back to street fighting with firearms, it might be less hazardous.The relevant authorities should arrest and charge all involved,players,staff,and their so called political backers.I know that's not going to happen,I forgot that we are in Lebanon.

Default-user-icon amirmansour (Guest) 04 September 2011, 19:28

I forgot

Why do you need armed body guard in a basket ball game.
You should wear short, have peanut and lemonade and enjoy the game......

If you use gun ?????to deflate the ball ....?????
That is different story

Thumb mrbrain 04 September 2011, 22:22

What was the final result?

Default-user-icon Basket clogger (Guest) 05 September 2011, 10:45

He has a head to be thrown in a basket.Let him score!

Thumb beirutslara 05 September 2011, 11:04

wiam wahhab is not news worthy... the fact that there exist people brainless enough to listen to his banter let alone support any trash he utters is truly unfortunate and disgraceful.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 05 September 2011, 19:07

Wahhab will probably blame the US and Israel as per usual.

Default-user-icon Lebanon Pictures (Guest) 02 November 2011, 08:31

till when are we going to stay like this