Hariri Meets Sisi, Al-Azhar Grand Imam in Cairo

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Head of al-Mustaqbal Movement Saad Hariri arrived in Cairo for talks with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Grand Imam of al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb.

Hariri met with Sisi at Ittihadiya palace, a statement issued by the ex-PM's press office said.

“I was pleased to meet with al-Sisi who is bravely, patiently and wisely leading Egypt,” Hariri told reporters after the one-hour meeting.

The former PM stressed that he is in line with Cairo's moderation policy, in cooperation with all the Arab countries.

“Sisi expressed hope that the Lebanese would elect a new head of state,” Hariri quoted him as saying.

The two officials also tackled the latest developments in the Arab world and the region, in addition to the bilateral ties.

The meeting was held in presence of former Lebanese minister Bassem Sabeh and Hariri's adviser and former MP Ghattas Khoury.

Hariri later held talks with al-Tayeb.

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Missing humble 08 March 2015, 11:15

Sissi made a historic moderate declaration at Al Azhar early February. We need such leaders in today's world where evil is predominating.

Thumb Mystic 08 March 2015, 11:37

Saudi stooges are pushed towards each other. What a surprise.

Thumb magnum357 08 March 2015, 14:49

You need to understand that not everyone who doesn't agree with hezbollah's strategy in lebanon is automatically a pro-Saudi or pro-wahabi/isis.Your accusations towards the other camp do not hold water when your camp is submerged up to its ears in the Iranian expansionist agenda.Historically, the shia community of Lebanon had always been pro-Lebanese and were a true example of national patriotism. Pity that the Iranians with their petro dollars were able to patronise a large chunk of your community and managed to implant in them this khomeini style fanatic ideology that is unfortunately driving many of our best youngsters to their doom. Believe it or not, most Lebanese have nothing against the shia, not even the LF. The moment they manage to break loose of this Iranian grip over them and return to their true Lebanese identity, they will be embraced as equal,respected partners in the Lebanese multi-cultural society.

Missing humble 08 March 2015, 15:36

Excellent analysis of true facts. Thank you.

Thumb cash.puppet 08 March 2015, 20:04

Yes, Mystic. You see if one party is loyal to Iran that AUTOMATICALLY NEGATES ALL POSSIBILITY of the other party being loyal to Saudi.

Historically? Lmao! Dont make me laugh hasbara clown, historically the Shias of Lebanon were treated as nothing more than janitors by the Sunni and Christian businessmen elite who were backed by the West and ruled the country until the civil war (one of the root causes of the civil war). Now nothing has changed among those Sunni and Christian leaders, except for some exceptions who refuse to bow down to the Western and Zionist masters like Aoun.

Nice try though.

Thumb cash.puppet 08 March 2015, 20:05

Moreover, you can keep your judgments and "acceptance" of the Shia into Lebanese society, who the hell are you to accept anyone into anything? Lol. Move along, loser. If you love the West so much, move to one of their countries so they can leech all your money through taxes and loans and you can pay back Zionist banks all your life, since thats your dream for Lebanon.

Missing humble 08 March 2015, 15:35

Mastica will never answer this fact.

Missing humble 08 March 2015, 15:45

Mastica and the like will never ever answer your 3 questions above.

Missing helicopter 08 March 2015, 16:00

Mystic is not living in denial as to the loyalty of HA, he himself yells it over and over "labayka ya Khameini" and I give him credit for being honest about it.

Missing humble 08 March 2015, 16:24

What you are saying is that Mastica is an Iranian and a follower of another Iranian army taking the place of the State...and you give him credit for that? While you ought to acknowledge that he is a traitor. Who cares if he is honest with himself or not!!!

Missing humble 08 March 2015, 15:38

Neither I, although Mastica and the like deserve 1000000000000 x 10000000000 thumbs down!

Missing coolmec 08 March 2015, 17:06

Everybody is trying to help Lebanon but certain Lebanese leaders are obstructing the election of a President

Thumb the_roar 08 March 2015, 17:10

That's right coolmec, imagine a convicted murderer being allowed to run for Pres...that puts a stop to it immediately.

wouldn't you agree?

Missing humble 08 March 2015, 17:29

I don't care about Geagea. Not the least. He could be whatever you like. But tell me: how come do you follow a madman (truly and really mentally ill), who has run away (leaving wife and children), who is corrupt (took all the millions and put them in his wife account), who is an agent (to Ebola, Syria and Iran : he just sent yesterday 4 FPM doctors to Rustom Ghazaleh in Syria), who is a liar (he said he would be the last one to leave the ship), who is destroying the institutions one by one, who is a totalitarian, a megalomaniac, who criticizes family feodalism and he himself has brought 3 son-in-laws and 3 nephews to inherit him, who has been begging the Saudis for the past 8 months, who claims to secure the Christians but is destroying them for the next one hundred years...
Now YOU tell me !!!!

Missing humble 08 March 2015, 17:38

In case you are not Christian, it could be the reason why you like what the Caporal is doing : destroying the future of the Christians.

Default-user-icon wolf.the_roar (Guest) 08 March 2015, 17:48

roro, where is @wolf? We miss his comments and analysis.

Missing coolmec 08 March 2015, 18:54

I was really referring to Aoun who is the only one who is obstructing the process. His motto is either him for president or no one. As for the criminal you are referring to I assume Geagea he was convicted wrongfully for political reasons by the Syrian butcher. By the way I am no geagea supporter and lastly in my opinion I see no difference between Aoun Gagea berry etcc. they are all corrupt, with blood on their hands and I find it pathetic that you guys limit your choice to our corrupt leaders. why not electing a new blood someone educated, intelligent who will work for the country

Thumb the_roar 08 March 2015, 19:03

I know who you're referring to....I also know you;re a geagea lover who lies about it.

If you really want a Pres chosen by Lebanese & no outside influence then why do you support Geagea & co who refused the Generals option of allowing the people to vote directly?

Missing helicopter 08 March 2015, 20:10

Maybe because we have a cconstitution and we are supposed to follow the constitution and not the opinion of any one person or armed entity.

Missing coolmec 08 March 2015, 18:56

Aoun did not run away leaving his wife on the contrary she is the one who was collecting all the gold donated at that time by true Lebanese to save the presidency she packed all the donated gold and put it on the plane when her and her husband ran away to Paris

Thumb the_roar 08 March 2015, 19:01

Can you show us this evidence or did you make this up again?

Missing humble 08 March 2015, 19:24

In case you are not Christian (I have no problem with that) I can better understand why you support the Caporal because he is your servant executing Ebola's orders.

Missing bigjohn 08 March 2015, 21:05

"humble"....as a leftist and an Arab nationalist, I was NEVER a fan of Aoun, but I will answer your question. The LF used to serve Israel and Zionist Run America. Why they are serving the Arab Kings today? When the KSA falls like the Shah of Iran, and ALL the kings run to the west, who will the LF serve then? That should answer your question about Aoun and Iran.

Missing humble 09 March 2015, 01:12

that still makes of the Caporal a traitor sold to Syria and Iran.

Missing bigjohn 08 March 2015, 20:43

This is another example in what I have been saying for years. The Sunni Islamist leaders whether they are the Ikhwan or Salafists are very corrupt. Here you have an illiterate billionaire who is working for the KSA that takers orders from Zionist run America praising general SISI by saying that SISI is "bravely, patiently and wisely leading Egypt" by massacring thousands of Sunni Islamists! If Sunni Islamist leaders in Lebanon and elsewhere have any dignity and were not on the payroll of Hariri and the KSA, they would have denounced him like they denounced the Syrian regime and worked AGAINST him and the KSA.

Missing bigjohn 08 March 2015, 20:52

What is the difference between SISI and the hated puppet dictator Mubarek? The more moderate Sunni Islamists and the Secularists, Arab Nationalists, and the left MUST work together. In Egypt they did not, so the popular revolution has been retaken by the counterrevolutionaries and the Left & Arab Nationalists who lost many martyrs to the Mubarak regime are sitting and watching the country being retaken by those who worked for Mubarak reactionaries. Sooner or later, There WILL be round two because the masses will not tolerate a hated collaborator (for long).