Geagea Blames Iran for Baabda Vacuum

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea, a candidate for the country's top Christian post, has accused Iran of causing Lebanon's presidential deadlock.

“Iran is responsible for the obstruction of the presidential elections in Lebanon,” Geagea told pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat in an interview published on Tuesday.

He accused Tehran of using Hizbullah, which “receives orders beyond” Lebanon's “borders,” to thwart the polls.

The interview was carried out after Geagea held talks with Saudi King Salman on Sunday.

The LF chief also met on Monday with al-Mustaqbal Movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri in Jeddah.

Baabda Palace has been vacant since President Michel Suleiman's six-year tenure ended in May 2014.

Asked by his interviewer about his latest talks with his rival Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Michel Aoun, Geagea said the meeting ended a 30-year rivalry.

“That would help us turn the page of the past and open a new page,” he said.

“We have made a single political step which is the importance of approving an electoral law,” Geagea told Asharq al-Awsat. “We are working for our agreement to include other clauses although we know that there is a lot of work ahead of us.”

The rivalry between Geagea and Aoun, who is also a presidential candidate, are partly to be blamed for the Baabda vacuum.

On the cabinet crisis, the LF leader said: “The government needs a minimum level of harmony so that (it achieves) consensus” among its members.

“But it is incapable of doing so because it is deformed,” said Geagea, whose party does not have representatives in the cabinet.

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Thumb saturn 21 July 2015, 10:08

Morning Dr. Geagea, did they convince you of this in Riyadh or is it your genius speaking?

How much they pay per word?

Missing humble 21 July 2015, 10:36

They paid him a lot...but at the same timr this is the plain truth: Iran is intervening in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon..NO ONE CAN DENY IT because Iran said it.
What Iran wants in Lebanon is an Islamic Republic. Fashar!!!

Thumb ex-fpm 21 July 2015, 11:03

saturn; so who is obstructing the presidential elections ya genius?

Thumb marcus 21 July 2015, 11:53

but the parliament is legal if it elects your aoun ma heyk flamethrower?

Thumb -phoenix1 21 July 2015, 17:45

Saturn, with all due respects to you, he is paid a lot less than Aoun.

Default-user-icon le phenicien paris (Guest) 21 July 2015, 11:26

Everyone in the known, virtual, star trek, marvel and theoretical universes have come to realize that neither geagea nor aoun will be elected president, everyone except aoun himself; and the iranians are counting on this.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 21 July 2015, 15:48

what's wrong with naked chicks? The vast majority of the free world would pick those naked chicks over you every time. go back to the 13th century and stay there.

Default-user-icon roomba (Guest) 21 July 2015, 11:31

I blame hoover for baabda vacuum

Missing moonsear 21 July 2015, 11:31

No it is not Iran...its Papua New Guinea

Thumb marcus 21 July 2015, 12:50

No No it is Lebanese Forces and Mustaqbal who have not been attending every election session.

Default-user-icon ottomobile (Guest) 21 July 2015, 11:38

Humm, Mustakbal official stance "we have no veto on anyone", Hezbolla official stance "elect Aoun or there won't be a president anytime soon".. so Geagea is right, bid deal!

Default-user-icon the_roar (Guest) 21 July 2015, 11:56

do you know why flamethrower was banned?

Thumb canadianpaul 21 July 2015, 13:06

ولايتي: ايران ستزيد دعمها لمحور المقاومة في المنطقة ولن تتوانى عن دعم سوريا والعراق ولبنان واليمن

Thumb Mystic 21 July 2015, 13:06

Geagea is part of the problem, he contiues to sell the Christian powers to Saudi Arabia.

Thumb -phoenix1 21 July 2015, 17:28

Mystic, as always you're accusing and blaming, blaming and blaming yet without giving us a shred of evidence. Provide us with tangible evidence, not Iranian pop songs but proofs, then the debates will regain their worthwhileness with you.

Thumb Mystic 21 July 2015, 17:58

Geagea and Hariri, a so called Phoneician and an Arab boy.
Phoenix the Aristocrat, with the texan saudi lover.

It gets better and better.

Thumb Mystic 21 July 2015, 18:27

People must understand March 14s mentality in order to understand them, March 14 wants their own freedom fighters ISIS & Nusra to "liberate" Lebanon of Hezbollah.

The "Christians" of March 14 hopes they can make some kinda deal with Saudi Arabia and Hariri for partition and protection from takfiri attacks. This is the reason Lebanese Forces and Kataeb backs Saudi Arabia, plus it makes profit ofcourse.

Thumb Mystic 21 July 2015, 21:55

The Army can't even be allowed to get back their captured soldiers, yet you wish for them to take care of everything themselves.
Not going to happen texas, the Resistance will protect us aswell.

Thumb Mystic 22 July 2015, 01:03

So now the Army are linked to the Resistance texas? I thought you typed we should all rely on them the LAF only, by the way nobody is blocking any exchanges it was the Qatar negotiators that were supposed to get the Army troops back remember?

Missing humble 21 July 2015, 13:44

They paid him a lot...but less than what Ebola and Iran pays the Caporal and his Inner Circle.
However what Geagea is saying is the plain truth: Iran is intervening in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon..NO ONE CAN DENY IT because Iran said it.
What Iran wants in Lebanon is an Islamic Republic. Fashar!!!

Missing humble 21 July 2015, 13:46

So when you express your support to the caporal, it is for the simple reason that he is obedient dog to your Ebola party.

Thumb beiruti 21 July 2015, 15:44

Geagea's statement would have more credibility and authenticity if he were not making it coming off of a visit to Saudi Arabia. The Iranian Nuclear Deal has come, in the minds of many Sunni Muslims in the region, at their expense. KSA now will never accept an Iranian endorsed candidate to become the next Lebanese president. Aoun is the Iranian endorsed candidate.

If the US and the EU were of a mind to placate the Saudis, to throw them a bone, so to speak in the wake of their 4 year marathon negotiations with Iran, it may be Lebanon. They would have Iran stand down from Aoun and allow a Saudi choice to come into Baabda. May be why Geagea is in KSA this week.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 21 July 2015, 15:52

this isn't the first time he's said that. It actually doesn't matter what he says coming back from a trip to Saudi Arabia. Anything he says is going to be tied back to those meetings whether it's true or not.

Thumb -phoenix1 21 July 2015, 17:41

A good post can be known by the amount of thumbs down it receives, the more downs, the better the quality of the post. One look at any thread these days and the answer will jump to your eyes.

Missing humble 21 July 2015, 18:33

Excellent. Well thought.

Thumb blablablablabla 21 July 2015, 18:40

Faut dire cela aux enfants d'un homme libanais qui sont morts assassinés au Brésil après sa libération en 2005 ... après que Geagea lui ait demandé de le financer
ou est ce juste une coïncidence ;)

Thumb blablablablabla 21 July 2015, 18:48

Charité bien ordonnée commence par soit même
Il semblerait que Geagea ne soit pas tellement chrétien en ne se jetant pas une pierre sur sa tête suite à sa visite en Arabie Saoudite.
En cela Beiruti a raison mais le pollueur de service et ses trolls va aussi critiquer cela parce que son esprit étriqué et illogique ne peut admettre la dérive morale de son anti-héro