Israeli Official Says Iran Trying to Transfer State-of the-Art Arms to Hizbullah


Iran is seeking to transfer state-of the-art weaponry from storehouses in Syria to Hizbullah, the Israeli Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold told The Jerusalem Post from Berlin.

The weapons include the SA-22 (Pantsir- S1) air defense system and the Y‑akhont anti-ship cruise missile, said Gold, who is on his first trip to a European capital for high-level talks.

He told the Jerusalem Post that he explained to German officials how the regional situation has become more complicated as a result of the nuclear deal signed last month between major powers and Iran.

According to Gold, Iran has made efforts to transfer arms to Hizbullah, amid attempts over the last six months to set up a Hizbullah front against Israel in the Golan Heights.

If this type of activity has been going on for the last six months, Gold asked, “then what happens when the sanctions on Iran are lifted, and they get a cash bonus of up to $150 billion?”

He answered: “Iran will then be equipped to radically increase its destabilizing activities along Israel’s borders.”

After the deal was signed by Iran and six global powers in Vienna, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government has been furiously lobbying U.S. lawmakers, holding out hope Congress will vote against it by a strong enough margin to override any presidential veto.



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Default-user-icon illegitimate & illiterate.southern (Guest) 21 August 2015, 10:51

expert at analysis
breaking norms
well said southern

Thumb freedomarch 21 August 2015, 16:50

You forgot the most important trait: beside being Traitor Southern is Fabulous ♡

Thumb canadianpaul 21 August 2015, 13:46

The only solution is for Israel to proactively attack Hizbullah. The major part of their fighting units are in Syria now, and a direct attack from the South will basically bring Hizbullah to their knees.

Missing bigjohn 21 August 2015, 15:50

1anonymetexasusa..Israel does not attack HA because they can not attack it with IMPUNITY!

Missing bigjohn 21 August 2015, 15:51

canadianpaul Gee, Mr Lahd, why didn't they do that when they were occupying the entire South Lebanon???

Missing bigjohn 21 August 2015, 15:58

"that's why they won't do it. the israeli and shia filth need one another to maintain their 'legitimacy', if one of the two were to disappear the other would be miserable, distraught." ......Since the natives do not consider the Zionist entity legitimate, you are saying those Lebanese and other Arabs who are not in the Resistance camp are not legitimate?

Missing coolmec 21 August 2015, 20:07

@Canadian paul
So you are advocating war in Lebanon? No thanks Lebanon has had enough war and destruction. Let's advocate peace and economic growth. I feel it is a better path

Thumb -phoenix1 21 August 2015, 14:06

Southern, people like you, or your organization called Hezbollah and those who are allied to you are the best allies of Israel, Israel is in fact Your Raison d'Etre. You people keep bombarding us with your anti-Israel rhetoric, yet all your guns are pointed at the the real Syrian opposition that is aiming to change matters in Syria, and not at the enemies of the civilized world, Daesh, IS and ISIS, how come??!! How come Hezbollah doesn't seem to face off with the Islamist radicals, how? And how come them the radicals don't ever shoot one simple bullet at Israel. You lot may want to fool the world forever, but the world is not dumb, people know the tricks you use to stay around, Israel needs you and you need Israel, end of story, so please, do stop that charade, please.

Thumb tric.portugal 21 August 2015, 14:14

Israel and Mecca never gonna accept a strong Cristhian President!!! Israel agree with the Saudis that the influence of the Vatican in the region must be destryed!!! that i the Daesh political are promoting the destrution of the bigguest Vatican partie in Lebanon!!

Thumb barrymore 21 August 2015, 14:18

ROFL @ norma.jean!:)))

Thumb -phoenix1 21 August 2015, 14:50

Tric, you need medical assistance, I am worried for you.

Missing bigjohn 21 August 2015, 15:47

"Israeli Official Says Iran Trying to Transfer State-of the-Art Arms to Hizbullah"......Yes, and the Lebanese "state" and other Arab slave "states" of the west receive Walt Disney weapons. SLAVES ONLY get weapons when it is ONLY used against themselves!

Missing bigjohn 21 August 2015, 16:01

Correction...ONLY used against the NATIVES

Default-user-icon Darwr101 (Guest) 21 August 2015, 19:06

Israel is only interested in its own security...what happens in neighboring states does not matter as long as it is not affected by it.

Default-user-icon Western Observer (Guest) 21 August 2015, 22:17

How can people here openly criticize Hezbollah for accepting weapons shipments from Iran while not criticizing Israel for accepting truly State of the Art Weapons shipments from the United States?

And when all this is put into historical perspective free of any religious and or ethnic bias we can easily conclude that Israel started the problem with the Lebanese when it invaded Lebanon through the South of Lebanon and carried on to Beirut during Yaser Arafat's days. Even after Arafat and his men were no longer an issue for Israel within Lebanon the Israelis continued to occupy Lebanon and eventually Hezbollah was born. C'mon people-- get real.