Obama Calls for Better Cooperation with Israel to Confront Hizbullah


U.S. President Barack Obama has stressed the importance of better intelligence cooperation between Washington and Tel Aviv to stop Hizbullah from obtaining more missiles with which to target Israel.

“As much intelligence cooperation and sharing as we’re already doing, we need to do better if we want to stop Hizbullah from continuing to get missiles that can be trained on Tel Aviv,” Obama told The Forward, a newspaper published in New York for a Jewish-American audience, in an interview.

He said Washington should discuss more with Israel on whether “there (are) additional capabilities that Israel may be able to use to prevent Hizbullah, for example, from getting missiles.”

He said Iran has been effective in its destabilizing activities because it has used proxies.

Tehran has “invested in places like Lebanon for decades and become entrenched. And the reason we haven’t done a better job of stopping that is not because they’re outspending us. The reason is because we haven’t been as coordinated, had as good intelligence and been as systematic in pushing back as we need to be,” Obama told The Forward.

The U.S. president reiterated that his disagreement with Israel over the terms of the Iran nuclear deal was a "fight within the family."

"Over the next several weeks as we get to the conclusion of the congressional debate, I think it is important for everybody to just take a breath for a moment and recognize that people on both sides of the debate love the United States and also love Israel," he said.

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Thumb Mystic 01 September 2015, 08:42

Didn't the takfiris here claim that "Obama and Iran works together now to benefit Israel?"

Thumb jaafar.ibn.iblees 01 September 2015, 13:00

why do you insist on denying the fact it is a martyred iranian jihadi terrorist family in your avatar?

Thumb -phoenix1 01 September 2015, 13:21

Mystic, why did you write this rubbish : Didn't the takfiris here claim that "Obama and Iran works together now to benefit Israel?", when your very masters in Tehran have been sitting with Amreeka the great Satan for months on end? Why did you not nag in your typical ways when they finally signed that famous deal a few weeks ago? But sadly, you're well beyond cure my friend, too much Al Manar and OTV in your intellectual diet.

Thumb Mystic 01 September 2015, 14:06

If they had such an agreement, then how come U.S is still on it's toes regarding the Resistance?
The U.S and their stooges will always remain the greatest satan in the world.

Israel too were not happy about the nuclear issue, the U.S ignored them, because they know a war with Iran is not a walk in the park, but would bring economic disaster and military losses.

Thumb justin 01 September 2015, 14:28

إزالة شعار "الموت لأميركا" من سفارة أمريكا في طهران

قامت إيران بإزالة شعار "الموت لأميركا" من الجدران، بما فيه جدران مبنى السفارة الأميركية المغلق في طهران، بعد أيام من انتشار خبر إلغاء هذا الشعار من المساجد.
ونشر موقع "فردا نيوز" صورا عن أشخاص يقومون بمسح الشعار من جدران مبنى السفارة الأميركية الذي يطلق عليه النظام الإيراني "وكر التجسس" منذ أن احتله طلاب ثوريون عقب انتصار الثورة عام 1979 حيث أدى احتلال السفارة واحتجاز الدبلوماسيين الأميركيين كرهائن لمدة 444 يوما إلى قطع العلاقات الدبلوماسية بين البلدين لـ 36 عاما.

Thumb habib 01 September 2015, 09:20

Enno ya mystic together aw la iran te3kon medyet etifa2 salam ma shaytan lakbar wa amrica toakked takameloha ma3 Israel ded lhezeb ayna iran men haza lmoakkad lakid bi etti7ad amrica wa esrail ok .shobaddak bi takfiriyyin us and esrail together to kik your hezeb but sho lash ma twa2ef letifa2 nawawi lash

Thumb Mystic 01 September 2015, 10:01

3anjad that is the worst excuse you people always come up with. U.S can't afford to invade new countries it seems, Iran in special.

That's why they make this deal with Iran, because Iran never seeked to even make nuclear weapons, but they so have qeapons for deterrance.

Thumb Mystic 01 September 2015, 10:04

They use the takfiris to benefit Israel.

Missing humble 01 September 2015, 10:08

It is time you realize that Iran is a backward country.

Thumb Mystic 01 September 2015, 10:21

Backward country is your homeworld Saudi and Qatar.
That takes orders from Israel and gives money and oil.

Missing humble 01 September 2015, 11:04

No sir! You don't seem to understand. Iran is a backward country whether other countries are or are not...!!!!

Thumb Mystic 01 September 2015, 14:07

In your opinion maybe. Not in mine, only the west, Israel and Gulf hates Iran. Other nations likes to trade and do business.

Missing humble 01 September 2015, 14:09

Trading with a backward country doesn't make it less backward.

Missing humble 01 September 2015, 14:10

It is also the opinion of many people. For many others it is not an opinion it is a fact.

Thumb westernlebanese 01 September 2015, 11:22

In my opinion and many others around the world, the enemy state is Iran.

Thumb westernlebanese 01 September 2015, 11:31

you filthy Iranian huthis wish you were even 20% Saudi or Qatari...they visit Lebanon and spend money, all well respected people with families, driving the nicest cars... something you would never dream of you houthi. Saudis are well know all over the world!! the most royal hotels in USA and Canada are owned by Saudis.

take your Khomeini leader and shove him up your ars, you uneducated brain washed simple minded Hippocrates

Thumb Mystic 01 September 2015, 11:44

Western coward, we don't need sports cars or money to feel blessed. We have the almighty and the Resistance to put our faith in.
Yes that is our lives, money is not everything.

Thumb galaxy 01 September 2015, 12:48

"we don't need sports cars or money to feel blessed"
That explains why your hezb thugs drive the latest Range Rovers and deal in drugs.

Thumb -phoenix1 01 September 2015, 13:25

Mystic, you people should not use the word coward on other people, because every time you people retreat from an area, be it in Syria or Yemen, you call it tactical retreat. In the past, the French media was alluding to you guys as "les fous de Dieu", not today, today you are simply, les cons de la Syrie et de l'Iran.

Thumb Mystic 01 September 2015, 14:09

Cowards jump sides and hides under the strongest like you Phoenix. Resistance gets martyred on the field or they win, no other solution.

Saudis and Gulf thought they could break the Yememi Resistance too and they failed, they are now sinking in the Yemeni deserts.

Thumb _mowaten_ 01 September 2015, 14:28

"uneducated brain washed simple minded Hippocrates" lol... who's uneducated? not surprising anyway, for a peasant who is impressed by the careless spending of dirty oily money and "nicest cars"...

Default-user-icon mowaten.chimp.313 (Guest) 01 September 2015, 14:46

you call that answers mowaten?

Missing CFTC 01 September 2015, 14:48

@mowaten E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T. Still laughing since the day you declared with a straight face you were a shiaa atheist and also a member of hezbollah with only one account. I think i will also continue to laugh at your statement "for a peasant who is impressed by the careless spending ". Thank you Thank you

Default-user-icon willypete222 (Guest) 01 September 2015, 14:56

Mowaten is the modern day version of Joseph Goebbel.
if you don't know who I mean ..you should !
look it up

Default-user-icon naguilahava (Guest) 01 September 2015, 15:01

@mowaten, they don't like your answers so they vote you down, then next they bring the trolls who insult you and your family. Boring.

Default-user-icon rami abu nasr (Guest) 01 September 2015, 15:12

I wonder how many times mowaten will vote himself up today?

Thumb joebustani 01 September 2015, 12:43

bless anyone person, entity, organization, brigade or country that inflicts extreme pain and unbearable suffering, death, torture, and destruction upon the iranian sectarian terrorist militia and its members, supporters or followers wherever they may be.

Thumb -phoenix1 01 September 2015, 13:22

Southern, you keep using this new word "zio mini figures" when people like you are nothing but "farsi mini figures". Walaw, you want to tell us that we can't see you play double fiddle in this forum?

Thumb Mystic 01 September 2015, 14:14

So you indirectly admit you are a mini zionist dear phoenix?

Thumb justin 01 September 2015, 13:27

الزبداني تستنزف 3 قتلى جدد لـ”حزب الله”

قتل مصطفى ياسين الملقب بـ”ولاء”، من “حزب الله”، خلال مشاركته “كتائب الاسد” في المواجهات ضد الشعب السوري في الزبداني، و يتحدر ياسين من بلدة مجدل سلم، ويقيم في منطقة صور.
وشيع “حزب الله” قتيلان آخران الأول هو علي حسين مازح من بلدة الحلوسية الذي سقط في الزبداني، والثاني هو زكريا عطية خليل الملقب بـ”ابو تراب” من بلدة الخريبة البقاعية.
عنصر جديد لـ”حزب الله” يسقط في الزبداني
قتل عنصر جديد من “حزب الله” في الزبداني يدعى مهدي مصطفى مدني من بلدة دير قانون رأس العين الجنوبية.

Thumb eagledawn 01 September 2015, 13:54

great news, made my and mowaten's day;)
إلى جهنم وبئس المصير!
Good Riddance

Missing sergio 01 September 2015, 15:15

good Riddance but i am affraid few here & there is nothing ... stinking people they breed like rats, they loose 5 today they breed 25 the same day. Life has no meaning for these filthy metwale's.

Default-user-icon the_roar (Guest) 01 September 2015, 13:38

As a Shia Christian, Its a debt we owe to HA & a friendship & trust to hopefully last forever.

I am also proud of HA for protecting the Shia Christians of the ME.
they even rang the Huseinieh bells in Syria for us Shia Christians after they expelled Isis from Shia Christian towns & returned it to Aoun.

May the righteous forever stand strong.

Thumb ansarullah 01 September 2015, 13:43

Allah y2awe shi3et Ali
Lan Tousba Zainib Marratayyn

Default-user-icon mowaten with only 2 accounts (Guest) 01 September 2015, 14:00

@SaudiJack, how exactly is iran an enemy? did they ever bomb Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, or Bahrain? Ever harm us the Shiaas in any way? your propaganda only echoes Saudi Arabia's wishes: to see us the shiaas turn our backs on our friends masters, and leaders, those who helped us kick out the Sunni occupiers in Syria and regain our shiaa sovereignty.
and Saudijack: that's your opinion, but your opinion is irrelevant here. Iran is in our homes and in our hearts, and you'll just have to live with it it.

Thumb eagledawn 01 September 2015, 14:01

only in your huthi mind!... such a disgrace U R.
@southern, aren't you ashamed of yourself wasting people's time, zero contribution, naive.

Missing humble 01 September 2015, 15:02

Spot on. A jewish journalist was admitted a few days ago to tour Iran and ask questions freely to any and all people he could meet in the street. He asked the same question : "how about making peace with Israel?". Most of the people answered very positively saying that they were the best friends only 30 years ago....
So wait and see. All the "mowaten", "southern", "mystic" and all Ebola followers including Ebola itself will soon be zionist friends. Just you wait!!!

Missing humble 01 September 2015, 15:20

At that time, we will be the ones insulting them of being zionists...

Default-user-icon saturn (Guest) 01 September 2015, 15:06

milk is not white
chocolate is not black
orange is the new yellow

Missing sergio 01 September 2015, 15:20

just noticed if you try to thumb down to any blog automatically 2 to 3 thumbs are going up.

Thumb tric.portugal 01 September 2015, 15:32

United states is a Daesh state promoting the erase of the Cristhians in levant and protecting the jews and mecca interests in the region

Missing bigjohn 01 September 2015, 17:45

"Obama Calls for Better Cooperation with Israel to Confront Hizbullah"... Just because Obama will not go to war for Israel under Israeli orders, it does not mean that the US no longer supports the Israeli terrorist Apartheid ethnic cleansing state militarily, economically, and politically. NO ARAB resistance organization that refuses to be under Israeli domination get any kind of military support from the hated Arab puppet dictator states who own M14 because these states are Israeli slave states and collaborators who do not DARE to help anyone who resists Israeli aggression, but only work to KILL THE NATIVES. .

Missing bigjohn 01 September 2015, 17:57

concerned.citizen.. "Many nations want to trade and do business with Iran you say? How about you lay down your fucking Iranian weapons and stick to trade and business?"... Tell the Israeli colonial criminal entity to drop down their weapons! If the Arab "STATES" were not worthless and slave states, they would not have allowed an entity to exist in the middle east (and I am not talking about military action OR forcing Jews in occupied Palestine to leave) And the Resistance would NOT exist! Do you think if the Arabs regained control of Spain, the European Natives (and America) would sit, watch, and say we should lay down our "weapons" and ONLY think of our individual country???