Hizbullah Demands Authorities to Back Down on Request to Summon Sayyed

Hizbullah on Friday called on authorities to back down on a request to summon former head of Lebanon's General Security Department Maj. Gen. Jamil Sayyed.

State Prosecutor Jamil Sayyed on Thursday demanded to summon Sayyed for threatening State security and Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

A Hizbullah statement condemned the Lebanese judiciary's "involvement in the political conflict."

Hizbullah attacked the Phalange party without naming it.

"We expected the concerned sides in the Lebanese judiciary to take an initiative to summon those who boast of being Israeli spies and allies," said Hizbullah, in a clear reference to the Phalange Party.

Phalange party official Sami Gemayel had said Kataeb is not ashamed of its history.

"We also expected judicial authorities to request documents and data announced by Maj. Gen. Jamil Sayyed in his (Sunday's) press conference to look for the truth," the statement said.

"But we were surprised by the judiciary's involvement in the political conflict after its decision concerning Sayyed," Hizbullah said.

"We in Hizbullah consider the decision to be a political decision par excellence and a headline of repression and intimidation to any oppressed speaking about the truth at this stage," the statement added.

Hizbullah slammed Mirza's decision as a "political decision par excellence," and warned against "tyranny and intimidation" of those who seek to tell the truth.

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