Assad Criticizes Lebanon's Dissociation Policy, Says Aoun's Election Victory for Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syrian President Bashar Assad said the election of President Michel Aoun for Lebanon's presidency is a victory for Syria as he stressed that Lebanon can not adopt a dissociation policy, Syrian al-Watan daily reported Thursday.

“The arrival of Aoun at Lebanon's presidency is a victory for Syria and for the axis of the Resistance, primarily when the president realizes that Lebanon can not be dissociated from the fires blazing around it and despite that adopt what has been named as the dissociation policy,” said Assad in an interview with the daily.

The Syrian President continued to say “Lebanese consensus around the election of Aoun is also a victory for Lebanon. When the president is a national figure who works for the interest of the Lebanese people, Lebanon will become even stronger. When Lebanon is stronger, Syria will be rested and stronger too.”

To a question if Assad had invited Aoun for a visit to Syria, the Syrian President said: “Not yet... now they are occupied with the formation of the cabinet.”

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Thumb Puppet 08 December 2016, 13:11

I respect Mr. Assad because he is telling the truth and making those who believe that Aoun's victory is victory for Lebanon sound stupid.

Missing cedars 08 December 2016, 14:07

The difference between Russia and America, the marines were bombed by the Hezbollah terrorists, the US navy went back home, the Russian instead were paid by Assad to stay and form a base in Syria so assad appears on tv victorious as he got help from both the Lebanese terrorists (hizbollah) and Russian air support.

Thumb Mystic 08 December 2016, 16:17

I respect Assad for killing off Saudi American puppets in Aleppo on a daily basis.

Thumb barrymore 08 December 2016, 16:45

Now you understand why most Lebanese respect Israel on a daily basis.

Thumb Mystic 08 December 2016, 17:01

Cowards love Israel not Lebanese.

Thumb Elemental 08 December 2016, 19:13

Mystic also seems fine with dead Sunni children too, thus satisfying his primitive feud against the Sunni's. Notice he never condemns the death of innocent children?

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 December 2016, 22:56

barryless you respect israel because they have concentration camps for palestinians and like to shoot on unarmed women and children? i dont get it.

Thumb liberty 09 December 2016, 02:26

the shia sectarian iranian troll cares so much about Palestine just like his boss.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 December 2016, 02:59

I do, whether you hasbara troll like it or not

Thumb eagledawn 09 December 2016, 09:55

@mowateh, go hang yourself from a crane in central tehran or sit on a mine or better yet go finish your lobotomy, seems they missed a few spots. It's painful to watch you suffer like this.

Thumb marcus 08 December 2016, 13:15

Assad Criticizes Lebanon's Dissociation Policy

what dissociation Policy?! You have the sectarian militia with more than 20,000 terrorists fighting in Syria, parading an army, the shia General Security giving them cover, and the army facilitating their transfer in and out of Lebanon, and the Judiciary that arrests anybody that opposes Assad. Still, Assad is not satisfied;)

Aoun himself said he is part of the axis of 'resistance', iran, and assad. So, yes it is a victory for Assad.

Thumb barrymore 08 December 2016, 17:23

and you have geagea blowing smoke and telling the rest of the sheep this is made in Lebanon president blah blah blah and that he pulled some magic wand and made aoun's election possible.

Thumb marcus 08 December 2016, 13:18

sorry to break the news to you but they do decide. When the rest of the Lebanese decide to stand up to them through arms then you have a point. Until then, enjoy the aoun wilayat al faqih.

Thumb Mystic 08 December 2016, 16:18

Immigrants in the West you mean?

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 December 2016, 22:56

lol marcus you sound very israeli when you wish for a civil war in lebanon.

Thumb eagledawn 09 December 2016, 10:05

hehehehe keep laughing, scumbies like you will probably be the first down the drain.

Missing trigger 08 December 2016, 15:56

let this terrorist worry about his own country's problems before worrying and thinking about Lebanon.
what goes around comes around..

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 December 2016, 22:56

dont worry, he can multitask.

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 December 2016, 23:22

hahaha take the sound of your butthurt elsewhere kiddo, i admire assad for the reasons i explained to you here:

Missing peace 08 December 2016, 23:28

yes you admire assad for the killings of lebanese and their kidnappings and torture... quick to forget how he cared about lebanese, shoukran souria moo hek?
brave faithful dog you are.....

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 December 2016, 23:36

follow the link and read my answer, you're not accomplishing much by staying here and barking the same insult over and over. dog? i'd rather be a dog than a slimeball like you.

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 December 2016, 23:37

since clicking on a link is beyond your capacities:

peace 6 hours ago
just as i said, an M8ers quick to defend his president... who killed and tortured so many lebanese...

_mowaten_ 1 hour ago
did he? when? who? maybe you mean before he was born? and no, he doesnt need any "defense", i'm just in admiration, the guy had the entire world against him, including the gulf and their billions, the US and their weapons, training and intelligence, the turks and their brutishness, the chechens and their uuh... red heads? and yet there he is, still as calm as ever and winning.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 December 2016, 01:05

and here comes the lunatic with his broken record! dude i already told you, i'm not engaging in puerile discussions with you anymore.
let me know when you can make logical points instead of screaming "takiah" like a a freak, and/or when you stop telling stories straight out of your rear and expecting us to take you seriously.

Missing peace 09 December 2016, 01:11

you are lucky mooowaten souri to see the world as black and white, the good assad and the bad foreigners....
your binary brain is the perfect target for the syrian propaganda... assad the poor victim, the whole world against him , let me shed a tear...
stay in your pityful condition and continue to defend the assad regime which yes, even though you do not want to admit it and assume it, killed and tortured lebanese, but yet again you don t care about lebanon at all but only care about supporting a regime that harmed lebanon...and now is destroying its own country...

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 December 2016, 03:00

who said assad the victim? the victims are all syrians who were sacrificed by the foreign paymasters. nonetheless, i'm saying assad the winner, assad the glorious, and that's what's driving you guys crazy hahahaha :D

Thumb eagledawn 09 December 2016, 09:55

flametroller always posting for entertainment purposes only. This comment was beautifully crafted and it is the entertainment part and not the trolling that is most impressive.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 December 2016, 10:47

lol FT, and he also has a hard time realizing bashar and hafez are two separate persons

Missing peace 09 December 2016, 10:58

LOL and mooowaten believes there has been a change in the regime.... the son has turned syria into a non baathist country where people are free....

everything to excuse the syrian regime...
seems you have a hardtime to understand that those who served under hafez are still governing with bashar....
but keep up the good faithful baathist dog work , it suits your fanatic idiocy.

Thumb whyaskwhy 08 December 2016, 17:54

Syria has never accepted Lebanon's independence and in essence what bashar is saying here is that with 3oun as president Syria will continue to rule Lebanon through Kizb. Same old story reminding all that Syria still rules Lebanon's sheep.
Compare in years to how long Syria has ruled Lebanon compared to Israel.

Thumb whyaskwhy 08 December 2016, 18:14

Your probably right Texas.....

Thumb kanaandian 08 December 2016, 18:57

well yes, they can disassoicate their country from you, bashar. in case you haven't realized yet, you are an international outcast, recognized as a mass murderer and a historical enemy of lebanon. however, some of us that have stood against u in the past currently disassociated ourselves from the battle, after the battle fighting you was over taken by radical head chopping saudi savages. that doesn't mean we like you or want to be your friend. we just realized, both sides in syria are not good.

Thumb Elemental 08 December 2016, 19:15

Assad's word as a leader carries no weight whatsoever. He's merely a route for Iran to send weapons to it's citizens who occupy Lebanon. Very dirty games going on.