Arslan Warns against Undermining Druze Share in Cabinet

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Head of the Lebanese Democratic Party MP Talal Arslan warned on Thursday against any attempts to undermine the Druze community's share in the upcoming cabinet line-up.

“We will not accept any disrespect with regard to the portfolio to be allotted to the Druze,” said Arsalan on Twitter.

“I hereby ask the Prime Minister-designate to seriously look into this matter and to respect the current position of the Druze and their historic position in the country,” added the MP.

Arslan's comments came after reports said that one of two ministerial portfolios (justice or educations) will be given to a Druze minister while a state portfolio will be given to Arslan.

OTV said on Wednesday that the Druze leader, MP Walid Jumblat, has accepted to take the education ministry instead of the justice ministry, amid other reports saying otherwise.

President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri are still struggling to put together a new cabinet amid conflicting demands from the political forces that are seeking to join the unity government.

Horsetrading is still revolving around the so-called services-related ministerial portfolios.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 15 December 2016, 18:13

Reportedly, there are as few as two Druze in Lebanon or as many as four million Druze in Lebanon. Most experts put the actual number between these two figures. Our reporter in Lebanon, Talal Arslan, said that he is a Druze and he knows of at least one other Druze who is usually in Lebanon.

Missing imagine_1979 15 December 2016, 18:24

Waw what a great comment always...
The important thing is nit how many christian druze sunni ir shiite lives in lebanon, but how many of them want us to leave in archaic retarded system ;islamic iranian republic style (or KSA style if u prefer..)
This said have a nice day and please take ur head out of ur arse for a change...