Report: Providing Lebanon with Weapons from Iran Violates U.N. Arms Embargo

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Western diplomat at the United Nations in New York stated that reports circulating in Lebanon recently on the possibility of extending the Lebanese army with weapons from Iran, are “inconsistent” with the decisions of the Security Council, the pan-Arab al-Hayat daily reported Tuesday.

The diplomat stressed that Iran cannot extend arms to any side unless the U.N. Security Council decides otherwise, added the daily.

“The Security Council's resolutions are very clear in terms of preventing Iran from sending weapons to states or non-state actors, and this applies to all countries without exception, unless the Security Council decided otherwise,” said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Iranian officials who visited Beirut recently have expressed Tehran's willingness to provide the Lebanese army with weapons, the most recent was Chairman of Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Alaeddin Boroujerdi.

“Iran's permanent and firm stance is to stand by the brotherly Lebanese Republic of Lebanon, government and people. We therefore reiterate our firm will in the field of arming the Lebanese army,” said Boroujerdi while in Beirut last week.

Iran is still subject to am arms embargo despite the fact that some sanctions were lifted a year ago under a deal Iran made with the United States, the European Union, Russia, China, Germany, Britain and France to limit its nuclear program.

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Thumb ex-fpm 10 January 2017, 10:09

Providing Lebanon with Weapons from Iran Violates U.N. Arms Embargo

.... and that's why The heretics in Iran keep making these offers publicly.

BTW, does Iran providing Hezbollah with weapons not “inconsistent” with the decisions of the Security Council?

Thumb justin 10 January 2017, 14:29

apparently you do care what some paper-pusher says , because you wrote a paragraph that made no sense 4 hours ago only to change your trolling mind now.

Thumb janoubi 10 January 2017, 17:56

have the iranians supplied the official iraqi army with weapons or just the sectarian popular mobilization shia militia ? do they have M14 also in Iraq that refused the iranian offer? Iran arms and supplies weapons only to its shia militia in the middle east. Spare us your BS.

Thumb ex-fpm 10 January 2017, 11:20

but that is not what the iranian envoy said last week .... that iran will provide Lebanon with weapons if the lebanese government approves it knowing in advance the government cannot. So, keep your takiah serial lying record going.

Thumb Mystic 10 January 2017, 20:01

Yet you always stated that Iran wouldn't ever provide aid to the Lebananese army even if they had the chance Anonymetexas liar.

Now you say they must abide by the U.S sanctions, fun to see you changing opinion so fast.

Real wahabi Zionist style.

Thumb Mystic 10 January 2017, 20:34

True fact you just made flamethrower.

Thumb Mystic 10 January 2017, 22:49

Now when they would deliver for sure, you are suddenly weak in the knees texascowboy.

Just as Saudi Arabia enabling their so called "Aid" again with United States backing, just to counter Irans offers.

Thumb justice 10 January 2017, 11:36

the iranian scumbag is now changing his story. Only Yesterday, he was saying the terrorist state of Iran has offered to arm the LAF on several occasions but its offer was turned down by the government and parliament ( which obviously never happened ). Now, he says Iran never offered to arm the LAF because it knew all along it cannot offer the LAF arms and had to resort to "unorthodox means" by arming a sectarian terror militia called hezbollah instead of the all encompassing national army.

Filth reaches now heights with this troll.

Thumb Puppet 10 January 2017, 11:57

I respect Mr. Flamethrower and all his screen names for always being innovative and changing his story several times a day.

Thumb eagledawn 10 January 2017, 12:20

@flametroller now says "until the UN embargo is repealed, lebanon is only dependent on allies of israel like the US."

2 days ago the same @flametroller said :


but there are ways to circumvent an embargo, confucius, but when your government formally refuses .."

and in its relentless effort to further supports its iranian propaganda the lebanese government and parliament refused the iranian offer, it proceeds to say :

"flamethrower....... 3 days ago

so you're saying that mashnouq, and before him elias el murr were only playing with the lebanese when they said lebanon declined the iranian help? "

Thumb marcus 10 January 2017, 15:42

precisely what ya troll?! reading your comments and seeing how you get caught at every corner and how you lie through your teeth is painful to watch.

what a loser to say the least...

Default-user-icon Gabster (Guest) 10 January 2017, 14:24

We don't want a single thing from Iran not even pistachios . Just leave Leave alone you evil theocrats .

Default-user-icon Wiz (Guest) 10 January 2017, 14:58

relax ppl. this was just for show as the terrorist funding state of Suadi Arabia denied the LAF 4 billion. Its all non sense from the iranian side...they just want to get into their skin

Thumb Hayek.Feghali.Abdelatif 10 January 2017, 15:44

If there was a will there's a way, win win

But there's no will. Because..
"Ma'bdna Jeish blibnein Illa Jeishak Ya Hussain"

Thumb shab 10 January 2017, 19:17


Thumb norma-jean 10 January 2017, 19:39


This Houthian Jaafar aka Mark has been harassing me as of late. After the death of Rafsanjani a few days ago, he called me to tell me how sad and depressed he was. In an effort to help him, I suggested he should listen to some music or better play music if he knows how. He said he plays the Dirbakeh like most Houthians do. Well, he asked me what my favorite music instrument was. I told him it was the Saxophone. We ended the discussion and I thought that was the end of it only to find out he went around telling everybody that my favorite hobby is Sex-on-Phone instead of Sax-o-phone.

I am going to sue him at his Sharia Houthian Ma7kameh and get my rights.

ciao Cutie

Thumb marcus 10 January 2017, 20:42


Missing bigjohn 10 January 2017, 20:05

UN resolution banning Iran sales of weapons was relevant prior to nuke agreement and now it is null and void. If past resolutions STILL must be enforced then you can start with the over 100 Un resolutions the terrorist Israeli state needs to abide with. But, off course enemy zionists on this forum will not not mention that!

Default-user-icon lebo, Koura (Guest) 10 January 2017, 20:55

Here we go again another one of bigQAWMIjohn's dime store wisdoms. If
Lebanon breaches the Iranian arms embargo Lebanon suffers the consequences. The over 100 UN unenforced resolutions against the terrorist Israeli state or the terrorist Syrian state for that matter have nothing to do with this. But QAWMIS, big or SMALL, do not care if Lebanon suffers. For them it's a fabricated entity torn from the breast of mother Syria by the Western colonial imperialist Zionists. In the name of fighting Zionists QAWMIS, big or SMALL, supported any and every group foreign and local that claimed to fight the Zionists state no matter how harmful it was to Lebanon. The only thing anyone needs to do to get the full support of QAWMIS, big or SMALL, is claim to fight Zionists, nothing more.

Missing bigjohn 10 January 2017, 20:08

During 1990 to 2005 Lebanon was run by Syria and her Lebanese allies who were allied with KSA at the time agreed to zionists American pressure NOT to accept weapons from Iran.

Thumb marcus 10 January 2017, 20:42

you say Lebanon was run by Syria and Syria was so democratic that it allowed its allies in Lebanon to agree with zionist american pressure NOT to accept weapons from Iran???? Why didn't Syria object ya troll?