8,000 Fake Liquor Bottles Seized in Zouk Mikael


More than 8,000 bottles containing fake alcoholic beverages were confiscated Wednesday in the Zouk Mikael area, the Finance Ministry said.

“Lebanese Customs Administration agents raided a warehouse in Zouk Mikael's Dahr Sarba area that contained more than 8,000 bottles of fake whiskey and vodka bottles that were ready for distribution, in addition to some substances that are used in the manufacturing process,” the ministry announced in a statement.

“The bottles were seized as Syrian national Daniel B., who was in charge of the illegal activity, was arrested,” the statement said.

“He is being interrogated under the supervision of the competent judicial authorities,” the statement added.

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Thumb Elemental 11 January 2017, 19:50

Fake? Zouk Mikael? Noooooooo lol. Come on, most (Like 98%) I've met from that area alone are liars, cheats, fakes. This is nothing new at all, what did you expect from artificial people?

Missing 3asfooriyeh 11 January 2017, 20:09

you are mixing it up with mitwalidahye

Missing 1anonymetexasusa 11 January 2017, 20:32

You forget that Hezbos often use Takiah and pass themselves as Christians and live among Christians to conduct their dirty illicit businesses in Christian areas (mostly Jounieh).
Like Moustapha Baddreddine - Hariri bombing ringleader- who used to pass himself as a Christian Jeweler in Sin El Fil going by the Takiah name of "Sammy Sammino".

Thumb Elemental 11 January 2017, 20:38

Tex nailed it. But also one can get at those who submitted to the Iranian implants, bowing down to them, selling Lebanon out.

Thumb Elemental 11 January 2017, 20:39

And I know plenty there for a fact who did. They are now considered Mitwali in my eyes.

Thumb terrorist 11 January 2017, 21:34

Taqiyyism is plain sick. Selling counterfeit liquors is very criminal, these beverages can kill people because they aren't distilled properly.

Thumb _mowaten_ 12 January 2017, 13:17

lol your ignorance of such obvious facts just exposed you for what you are: a hasbara troll pretending to be lebanese