Israel Raids on Syria since 2013

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israel said its warplanes struck several targets in Syria early Friday, prompting retaliatory missiles launches, in the most serious incident between the two countries since the Syrian conflict erupted six years ago.

The following is a recap of notable strikes:

-- 2013 –

- January 30: Israeli planes hit a surface-to-air missile site and military complex near Damascus suspected of holding chemical agents. A U.S. official says Israel feared the transfer of weapons from Syria to Lebanon's Hizbullah group.

- May 3: A raid near Damascus targets Iranian weapons destined for Hizbullah, a senior Israeli official says.

- May 5: A raid hits a scientific research center in Damascus, a weapons depot and an aircraft unit, according to a diplomat in Beirut. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 42 soldiers are killed.

– 2014 --

- February 25: A Lebanese security source says two Israeli raids hit a Hizbullah target on the Lebanon-Syria border. The Observatory calls the target a Hizbullah "missile base."

- June 23: Israel stages retaliatory air raids on Syrian army positions following an attack from Syria.

- September 23: Israel downs a Syrian fighter jet as it tries to cross the Golan ceasefire line.

- December 7: Syria's army accuses Israel of striking two regime-held areas in Damascus province.

-- 2015 –

- January 18: Six Hizbullah fighters and an Iranian general are killed in an Israeli strike on the Syrian side of the Golan. Hizbullah retaliates several days later by killing two Israeli soldiers. 

- July 29: An air strike on a government-held village on the Syrian side of the Golan kills two Hizbullah militants and three pro-regime fighters, the Observatory says.

- August 20: Israel launches strikes on 14 Syrian army positions on the Golan in response to rockets fired on Israel's northern Galilee region. One person is killed, the Syrian military says.

- August 21: An Israeli strike on the Syrian side of the Golan kills five, Syrian state television says.

- December 19: Hizbullah figure Samir al-Quntar dies in an Israeli raid near Damascus, the group says later. Quntar had spent almost 30 years in Israeli prisons.

-- 2016 –

- April 11: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admits that Israel has attacked “dozens” of weapons convoys in Syria that were destined for Hizbullah.

- September 13: Israeli aircraft strike Syrian army positions for the fourth time in nine days after a projectile fired from Syria hits the Israeli-held zone of the Golan. Israel denies a Syrian claim to have downed an Israeli warplane and a drone.

- December 7: Several Israeli missiles smash targets near the Mazzeh airbase outside Damascus, a week after a similar attack in the Sabbura area west of the capital.

-- 2017 –

- January 13: The Syrian army says Israeli missile strikes have again targeted the Mazzeh base. The Observatory says they hit ammunition depots.

- March 17: Syria's military says it downed an Israeli plane during pre-dawn strikes near the famed desert city of Palmyra. Israel denies any planes were struck, while Israeli media say the Arrow air defense system intercepted a missile north of Jerusalem.

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Thumb Mystic 18 March 2017, 01:12

When the war arrives, we are going to listen to you cowards whine about a destructive war, Israel wants war with Lebanon always.

By licking Israels shoes, you will not achieve peace Naharnet, look how well it served the Palestinians.