Israel Says Anti-Hizbullah Missile Interceptor Fully Operational Soon


David's Sling, a joint U.S.-Israeli missile interceptor meant to counter medium-range missiles possessed by Hizbullah, will be operational in early April, completing Israel's multi-layer defense system, a senior Israeli air force official said on Monday.

This marks the completion of Israel's missile defense system, he said.

That includes the Arrow, designed to intercept ballistic missiles in the stratosphere from long-range threats like Iran and Iron Dome that defends against short-range rockets from Gaza. The official spoke anonymously in line with protocol.

Israel deployed its Arrow system Friday when Syria fired missiles at its jets on a mission to destroy a weapons convoy bound for Hizbullah.

David's Sling is developed by Israeli defense company Rafael with American defense giant Raytheon.

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Thumb Mystic 20 March 2017, 21:25

Trying to reassure their citizens again.
You do not have the slightest clue of what the Resistance have in store for you, keep saying this wont be like 2006 war but that goes both ways zionists.
You can't hide behind ISIS and Nusra and the other salafi rebels forever.

Thumb liberty 21 March 2017, 07:31

what is in store ya heretic? another "had I known"?

Thumb justin 21 March 2017, 08:42


Default-user-icon 10452_M (Guest) 21 March 2017, 10:34

You don't have the slightest clue what they have in store for you!

Default-user-icon ma ba3sa ba3da (Guest) 21 March 2017, 00:47

The Israeli Arab are relieved, the divine hezballah "ya rabbee tighi fi 3eno" rockets fell mostly on them in 2006

Missing 21 March 2017, 03:13

Do you have any idea about the technology gap that exist between Israel/US and Hezbollah/Iran?

Thumb liberty 21 March 2017, 07:30

but the heretic knows what is in store and what his terrorist party has or does not have. Waiting patiently to see what you have keyboard warrior.