Israeli Tank Fires on Hamas Position in Gaza

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

An Israeli tank opened fire Thursday on a Hamas position in Gaza, in response to shots coming from the Palestinian territory, the Israeli army said.

"In response to the shots fired earlier today at IDF (Israeli army) forces carrying out routine activities near the border fence with the southern Gaza Strip, an IDF tank targeted a post belonging to the terror organization Hamas," the army added in statement.

The incident took place in the south of the Gaza Strip, it said, providing no other details.

There were no immediate reports of casualties on either side.

The Israeli army frequently responds with fire to shots coming from Gaza, which has been under the control of Islamist movement Hamas since 2007.

Hamas and Israel have fought three wars since the Islamists took control of Gaza. A fragile ceasefire has largely held since their last confrontation in 2014.

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Thumb gigahabib 27 April 2017, 16:34

If Hamas hadn't betrayed the resistance axis, they might still have been able to defend themselves.

Now, under Gulf ownership, they simply get pounded.