Young Woman Dies after Shooting outside Zahle Nightclub


The young woman Sara Suleiman, 24, died Sunday of wounds incurred in a shooting outside the Blue Bar nightclub in the Bekaa city of Zahle, media reports said.

Simon Mouawad, 33, was also wounded in the leg in the incident, LBCI television said.

The TV network said Sara and her friends were leaving the nightclub at 3:30 am when a man identified as Taha al-Masri passed by them in a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV.

“There was a traffic accident outside the nightclub and a person asked Masri to move his car, which infuriated him,” LBCI said.

Masri then opened fire indiscriminately towards the nightclub, which resulted in the wounding of Sara and Simon, the TV network added.

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Thumb s.o.s 07 May 2017, 14:19

Sick people everywhere... this country is so retarded for allowing mentally unstable people to own weapons.

Thumb joebustani 07 May 2017, 14:30

In a startling turn of events, ISF sources revealed to Joe Al Habr, LBCI Zahle' correspondent, the suspect Taha al-Masri is a member of the Resistance Brigades, an armed offshoot of Hezbollah.

Mr. Al Masri is a devout shia and follower of the twelver doctrine of wilayat al faqih that bans alcohol, nightclubs, mini skirts, social media, and mixing of the opposite sexes.

Mr. Al Masri revealed to investigators he was indoctrinated at an early stage that women are but a
pleasure item and should not be seen in public.

Investigators have not confirmed as of yet if there were any political motives behind this hideous crime but hinted at religious and social motives that Hezbollah is trying to impose on Lebanese society by mirroring Iranian style.

IIranian backed Hezbollah is a world renowned terrorist organization with confirmed links to terrorism, drug trade, money laundering, human trafficking and child abuse and enslavement.

Source : National News Agency

Thumb gigahabib 07 May 2017, 21:45

Lol, "Joe" is the very essence of fake news.

Thumb galaxy 07 May 2017, 22:03

and you are the essence of real and true news.

Thumb gigahabib 07 May 2017, 21:46

How many Shias are called "al-Masri"?

Thumb justin 07 May 2017, 21:53

gigahabil, he is a shia and you know it.

Thumb galaxy 07 May 2017, 22:02

as many as are called Jaafars or Meqdads or Shamas ya heretic. Curious though, why do you always defend the shias if you claim you're not a shia?!

or is Takiah part of your DNA....

Thumb galaxy 07 May 2017, 22:04

I did not see you posing the same question yesterday and saying " How many shias are called Khadija Asaad"?

Missing mohammad_ca 08 May 2017, 07:05

quite a few.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 08 May 2017, 09:24

Baalback, Shiyah, Ouzai, and Dahieh are full of them. He is a known drug dealer in the area and under the protection of hezbollah. He shot her on purpose. He knew her and was obviously jealous she was with someone else.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 08 May 2017, 09:30

His real name is Qassem Rafiq Al Masri a wanted drug dealer from ashraf al nass.

Thumb eagledawn 08 May 2017, 16:56

@gigahabil is going to have a dilemma with the fact the shia higher council confirmed the criminal is a shia and the al masri gang are shias just like he is.

المجلس الشيعي الاعلى: محمد مصطفى المصري ليس مفتيا جعفريا ونرفع الغطاء عنه

Thumb gigahabib 09 May 2017, 13:05

Lol, is the main reliable source on Shia affairs.

Thumb justin 07 May 2017, 15:49

“سهرة آخر العمر”… سارة العشرينية ضحيّة السلاح !

Thumb 07 May 2017, 21:25

Merci for the link, its a very sad ending.

Thumb Elemental 07 May 2017, 19:10

Remember what I said about Lebanon letting in idiots...

Thumb justin 07 May 2017, 21:34

خاص بالصور: هذا هو قاتل سارة في زحلة