Aoun Signs Decree Opening Extraordinary Legislative Session


President Michel Aoun on Monday signed a decree opening an extraordinary legislative session from June 21 to October 16.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri had first signed the decree before referring it to the president.

The decree allows parliament to tackle “the state budget and the annexed budgets that were referred to the legislature; any draft laws referred to Parliament, and the various draft laws, proposals and texts that the Parliament Bureau decides to refer to Parliament.”

Speaker Nabih Berri had called on Aoun to open an extraordinary session during the Friday parliamentary session that saw the approval of the new electoral law.

Aoun has also invited the leaders of the parties represented in government to a Baabda meeting aimed at discussing key projects, the revitalization of state institutions and pending issues such as the abolition of political sectarianism and the establishment of a Senate.

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Thumb the_roar 19 June 2017, 16:22

Here are some facts for the readers who are interested in who & what this man Aoun is.

He told his followers HA are a terrorist organization that is a cancer that needs to be removed....we all know why he had a change of heart don;t we? When he was left out by Hariri Geagea jumblat etc etc, his only way to survive was to join HA.

He told his followers hariri Geagea jumblat etc etc are a bunch of thieves & criminals that need to be removed from office...he will fight till his last breath until that happens.

We all know what has happened there now don;t we? how else was he going to become President? Now he has memory loss & is partners with thieves & criminals

he told his followers that any extension is nothing short of mafia style he serves with them on the extension committee

I can go on all day about this Liar...But whats the point?