Report: Army Won't 'Replace' Hizbullah in Arsal Battle, Party to Attack from Syria


The possibility that the Lebanese army carry out the anticipated Arsal operation instead of Hizbullah is “ruled out,” a military source has said.

“Should the battle erupted, it will be launched from Syrian territory and Hizbullah will carry it out with support from the Syrian army,” the source told al-Hayat newspaper in remarks published Sunday.

“The Lebanese army's mission would be to protect the eastern border and prevent militants from retreating towards Lebanese territory or from taking hostage the (refugee) encampment that lies in the al-Malahi area in Arsal's outskirts,” the military source added.

The “countdown” for Hizbullah's campaign against the jihadists of Fateh al-Sham and Islamic State in Arsal's outskirts has started, according to media reports, in the wake of an ultimatum that has been issued by Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

“Hizbullah has finished the necessary preparations for this battle,” al-Joumhouria newspaper has said.

Syrian warplanes have waged intense raids on Arsal's outskirts in recent days.

Jihadists from Fateh al-Sham and the rival Islamic State group are entrenched in mountainous areas in Arsal's outskirts and in other Lebanon-Syria border areas.

They overran Arsal in 2014 before being ousted after days of deadly battles with the Lebanese army.

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Thumb s.o.s 16 July 2017, 14:57

I demand to see press crews on the field as I no longer trust the LAF's word. Yes, after they beat up women at Beirut Parliament Square and after torturing then killing Syrian detainees, Bashar-style.

Thumb Mystic 16 July 2017, 16:47

As if your salafi takfiri demands matter to anyone.
You got chronic diseases.

Thumb Elemental 16 July 2017, 17:25

Someone learned some big fancy words and is trying them out I see! :D, kind of like how you exacerbate weird fetishes involving things you created. Cry more^

Thumb Elemental 16 July 2017, 20:04

Cry more^

Thumb s.o.s 16 July 2017, 20:14

Is this why we people in Lebanon cry for tourists and expats to come and spend their dollars in our businesses? Because they don't matter? Dude, most Lebanese people are hard working people who don't depend on donations from Iran. We're not beggars like Hizbalotis or thieves like Amalis.

We never steal from the power or telephone lines, we pay our taxes to the baladiye and meliye. We are not mitwelians! And the expats have a great deal of influence on our daily lives.
You people are the cancer, expats are the chemo.

Tell MoeFan than next time I pass by Dearborn Heights in Michigan I expect him to fill my car personally, he can leave his toilet cleaning duty when I'm a customer. Thankation!

Thumb whyaskwhy 17 July 2017, 00:11

An oxymoron statement if I ever heard one "The most amusing thing is that you people think your opinions matters in Lebanon, from your overseas residence" and hence why your responding to it if it does not count?

On another note you mention that those who speak against the way Kizballah is mismanaging Lebanon for the benefit of Iran as being losers. Well how does it feel to be a winner living in squalors of the Dahyi region void of paying electrical bills or respecting the Lebanese law? thats a winner? Maybe its something to think about while you drive your moped home this evening with your flip flops on.....