Berri: Resistance Fighters Battling Militants on Behalf of Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Speaker Nabih Berri lauded the “efforts” of the Resistance fighters as he assured that they are battling al-Nusra Front militants in the outskirts of Arsal “on behalf of Lebanon and the Lebanese,” al-Joumhouria daily reported on Tuesday.

“The outskirts of Arsal is an occupied Lebanese land. It is our duty to liberate it. The Resistance is fighting the terrorists there. It is doing so on behalf of Lebanon and the entire Lebanese without exception, just as our fight against the Israelis in the south (in 2006) expressed the opinion of Lebanon and Lebanese,” Berri was quoted by the daily as telling his visitors.

“Today, the troika of Army, People, Resistance stands out to express itself well. Today, like always, the people stand behind the Army and the Resistance,” he added.

Berri's remarks came after Hizbullah announced a major push on Friday along the eastern border to clear both sides of Lebanon's border with Syria from "armed terrorists".

The clashes are focused on outskirts of Arsal, a mountainous area around the Lebanese border town of Arsal.

The Lebanese army has not officially declared its participation in the offensive but has fired shells on "terrorists" in the area.

On Monday, the army and the Lebanese Red Cross helped 79 women and children refugees fleeing the outskirts' camps into the town of Arsal, Lebanon's official National News Agency (NNA) said.

Some political factions, mainly the Kataeb party and al-Mustaqbal Movement condemned Hizbullah's operations.

The Kataeb Party had on Monday accused the ruling political class of “giving up sovereignty,” in connection with Hizbullah's operation.

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Thumb janoubi 25 July 2017, 10:35

I see.... so what is the job of the army? or should we have one?

Thumb galaxy 25 July 2017, 10:40

To be a police force and obtain confessions.

Thumb rocococo 25 July 2017, 15:55

To beat women in DT

Thumb s.o.s 25 July 2017, 17:25

They're thugs and need to be arrested and tried. Where's out democracy? Where's justice? Do we need to arm ourselves like the stinky pro Iran filth in order to obtain things?

Thumb liberty 26 July 2017, 06:54

there is an ongoing investigation by an in-house army panel. its findings are almost complete and point at the women using excessive force against the soldiers and their officers due to abnormal weather conditions on the day of the incident.

Thumb smarty 25 July 2017, 10:36

We know what you did with HA in 2008! It certainly was on behalf of Iran and nobody else... not to mention the civil war and its load of crimes and atrocities you committed.

Thumb liberty 26 July 2017, 05:37

but you and your shia likes accused the same people of being jews/israelis/sahyoonis like you do every day here. Why would israel kill them ya troll? Interesting, Israel kills those people who oppose your criminal shia militia while hezbollah MPs roam the streets freely and safely.

Thumb galaxy 25 July 2017, 10:40

Berri: Resistance Fighters Battling Militants on Behalf of Lebanon

lol.... I guess they are doing the same on behalf of Lebanon in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain.

Thumb ashtah 25 July 2017, 10:53

Let's make his resistance the official army and save billions in what appears to be unnecessary spending.

Thumb barrymore 25 July 2017, 11:03

and this is the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament who is making this outrageous statement!!!!
Why doesn't he tell us if the Parliament that he speaks on its behalf approved the terrorist militia acting on behalf of Lebanon.

Thumb Puppet 25 July 2017, 11:16

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Speaker Berri for informing us that Hezbollah and the resistance are battling militants on behalf of Lebanon.

Thumb eagledawn 25 July 2017, 11:35

Lebanon is rising ...stay tuned! GMA time :)"

Thumb ex-fpm 25 July 2017, 12:00

I guess the_roar aka earlybirdie had my comment deleted.

Berri: Resistance Fighters Battling Militants on Behalf of Lebanon

No they are not. They are acting on direct orders of the iranian regime. The Lebanese army is the only entity that should act on behalf of Lebanon.

Thumb s.o.s 25 July 2017, 12:21

He forgot to take his diazepam and alprazolam...

Thumb eagledawn 25 July 2017, 12:45

@earlybirdie will later log in as 'the_roar' for the sake of diversity of opinions on the forum..

Thumb doodle-dude 25 July 2017, 18:25

Is he not the Wealthy Australian who travels the globe
& has inside knowledge that no other person on this planet knows about?

Thumb 25 July 2017, 20:11

Bizarre bizarre! Vous avez dit bizarre? Oui je trouve aussi!

Thumb liberty 26 July 2017, 05:34

no he is the pos psychopath who has a very sad pretentious life.

Thumb s.o.s 25 July 2017, 12:22

#NotInMyName but #OnBehalfOfSyria

Thumb marcus 25 July 2017, 13:22

Berri has made it official: The Hussain Army has replaced the Lebanese army.

Thumb marcus 25 July 2017, 13:25

more fertilizer
مقتل 7 من "حزب الله" في جرود فليطة بالقلمون الغربي.

Thumb Elemental 25 July 2017, 20:59

Oh behalf of Iran, for their blood revenge against the Sunnis. Promitive and manipulative, they created all this mess.

Thumb Elemental 25 July 2017, 20:59


Thumb whyaskwhy 25 July 2017, 23:49

Its a nation of thugs and the Lebanese look upto to a thug especially if he is particularly good thief.