Mustaqbal: Way Miqati was Appointed Made Him Imposed on the Lebanese

The Mustaqbal movement condemned on Tuesday the manner in which Najib Miqati was appointed prime minister-designate, saying: "It does not make him a consensual premier, but one that has been imposed on the Lebanese by Hizbullah."

It said in a statement read by former minister Jean Oghassabian: "This practice has destroyed what was left of Lebanon's free democratic system and the bloc affirms that democracy cannot be rectified through weapons."

Addressing Hizbullah's arms, it stated: "Since the 2009 parliamentary elections, the party's arms that should have been turned towards Israel have been turned against the Lebanese."

"The bloc turns with appreciation towards the March 14 supporters who have expressed their anger over the attempt to forge the Lebanese' will when the MPs' turned against the will of their voters," it stressed.

It concluded by calling on them to exercise restraint.

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