Nasrallah: We're Not Advocates of War but We're Ready to Fight


Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced Thursday that his group does not want war with Israel but that it stands ready to fight should a confrontation be imposed on it.

“A real resistance fighter, a real mujahid is one who performs his religious assignment to the fullest,” said Nasrallah in a televised sermon marking the beginning of Ashura, according to the Hizbullah-affiliated website al-Ahed News.

“We are not advocates of war or fighting, but if our religious obligation is to fight, we will fight, even if (ex-U.S. president George W.) Bush, (U.S. President Donald) Trump, Israel, some Arabs and the entire world stand in our face. We are not afraid of anything,” Nasrallah added in brief political remarks during his religious sermon.

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Thumb Knight 21 September 2017, 21:54

Nasrallah announced Thursday that his group does not want war with Israel but that it stands ready to fight should a confrontation be imposed on it.

.... and why not? aren't you supposed to be a resistance fighting occupying zionist forces and liberating Shebaa farms ya kazzab?

Thumb gebran_sons 21 September 2017, 23:38

Several $billions from our economy down the drain for each word of this made-in-Iran speech. Hizb doesn't care as its slogans only impress uneducated and poor individuals. Hizb enemy has always been the middle class and productive entrepreneurial people. Just look back at the Green Revolution in Iran for the full story!

Thumb enterprise 22 September 2017, 07:22

a real resistance is the one seeking confrontation with the enemy and cause damages to it. A fake resistance is the one that does not seek confrontation.

You and your iranian owned terror group have always been fake and non Lebanese.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 22 September 2017, 10:06


Thumb janoubi 21 September 2017, 21:56

He is too scared to fight Israel. His purpose as laid out by his Iranian handlers is to spread Wilayat al Faqih and overthrow Arab regimes.

Thumb justin 21 September 2017, 22:10

"He is too scared to fight Israel."

but Mystic is not;)

Thumb shab 21 September 2017, 22:18

Filthy murdering militia

Thumb ex-fpm 21 September 2017, 22:19

How does the filthy murderer expect to liberate Sheba farms and Jerusalem if he does not confront Israel?

and if so, what is the use for his criminal sectarian weapons?

But, @Janoubi is spot on.

Thumb barrymore 21 September 2017, 22:29

Nasrallah: We are closer than ever to the liberation of Jerusalem

Nasrallah: Road to Jerusalem passes through Syria

Nasrallah: Iran Is Final Hope for Liberation of Palestine, Jerusalem

Thumb ashtah 21 September 2017, 22:32


Thumb liberty 22 September 2017, 07:11

Disarm now you sectarian terrorist.

Thumb galaxy 22 September 2017, 09:32

غارات اسرائيلية تستهدف مخزنًا للذخيرة في محيط مطار دمشق الدولي

Thumb eagledawn 22 September 2017, 14:34

The day this iranian sectarian terrorist is brutally and violently murdered is the day we celebrate our true independence.

Missing hajjradwan 22 September 2017, 16:22

In 2006 Nasrallah promised the Lebanese a calm summer. Then the Ayatoolla came calling with a takleef shar3eh to do something in South Lebanon to relieve the international pressure Iran was feeling in regards to it's nuclear program. Narallah had a simple choice,. Ignore his promise to the Lebanese people or ignore the Ayatoolla's orders. As usual Nasrallah chose poorly ignoring his patriotic duty, his country's interests and his promise to the people of Lebanon and he followed his foreign dictates because it was his religious obligation. No one except the most gullible sycophants believed him when he claimed that he did not expect Israel it react the way it did, he only need to look at what was happening in Ghaza. Anywhere else in the universe he would have been prosecuted, for at least, criminal negligence for a unilateral decision that caused the death of a couple of thousands Lebanese people and destroyed Lebanon's infrastructure and economy.

Missing hajjradwan 22 September 2017, 17:39

What fiction you idiot? I am starting to think that the multiple pro Hezb/Nasrallah accounts posting the usual stupid statements and idiotic arguments are generated in Israel to show how ignorant the pro Hezb/Nasrallah people are.

Missing hajjradwan 22 September 2017, 17:41

Nasrallah admitted to starting the war in 2006 but claimed that he did not know how Israel was going to react. His attack was a carbon copy x10 of what happened in Ghaza and anyone, except an imbecile, would expect the Israeli reaction to be a carbon copy x10 of what it was there. Nasrallah is no imbecile. He's a liar: "Aounist MP Khazen... Nasrallah’s lies at the national dialogue promising to keep the Blue Line quiet this summer". The UN security council was scheduled to meet on July 31 2006 about Iran's nuclear file threatening new sanctions. By then the situation in Lebanon was taking precedent over everything else. A shortened July 31 UN meeting ended with a resolution calling on Iran to stop uranium enrichment efforts within one month, no sanctions. Nasrallah admits that the Hezb does not make a move without the consent of the Ayatoolla.
"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." Sherlock Holmes

Thumb kanaanljdid 23 September 2017, 17:07

Can someone explain why does he has so much rings and so big rings ?

Thumb kanaanljdid 23 September 2017, 17:07

Why does he have*