Spain Court Orders Catalan Independence Session Suspended

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Spain's Constitutional Court on Thursday ordered the suspension of a planned session in Catalonia's parliament  which separatist leaders have called for the region to declare independence.

Judges "ordered the suspension of the plenary that has been called for Monday in the (Catalan) parliament" while it hears an appeal by rival Catalan politicians, a spokeswoman said. 

The court confirmed the decision in a written ruling.

Catalan lawmakers had summoned regional president Carles Puigdemont to address the parliament about last Sunday's contested independence referendum in Catalonia.

The court warned that any session carried out in defiance of its ban would be "null."

It said the parliament's leaders could face criminal action if they ignore the court order.

Puigdemont and other Catalan leaders have said they are not afraid of going to jail if Spanish authorities arrest them over their independence bid.

They have defied the court's rulings in the past.

Puigdemont carried out the referendum in defiance of a ban by the Spanish court and stern warnings from the national government in Madrid.

Thursday's ruling raised the question of how the Spanish state will respond if Catalans decide to push ahead with Monday's session.

The vote last weekend saw shocking scenes of police beating unarmed voters and plunged Spain into its worst political crisis in decades.

The vote was not carried out according to regular electoral standards but Puigdemont said it had given legitimacy to the independence drive.

He said this week that the region's leaders could declare independence within days.

Madrid rejected his call for mediation in the crisis, heightening tensions on Thursday.

The national government could suspend Catalonia's existing autonomous status if it declares independence.

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Missing phillipo 05 October 2017, 19:59

What the Spanish Government doesn't understand is that just as each single one of those 860 wounded on the day of the referendum brought about 100's more people to the pro-Independence side, each additional act of repression, such as this suspension of the Catalonian Parliament meeting will bring about thousands more.

Thumb Southern...... 05 October 2017, 20:30

look who is talking!! one who belongs to an apartheid terrorist country like Israel... your country is occupying other's land, Palestine and still arresting and killing innocent Palestinians on daily basis after occupied their country. Get Lost!

Missing phillipo 06 October 2017, 08:09

You are forgetting one basic thing.
Catalonia was an independent region of the Iberian Peninsula with its own language, laws and customs - until the 1700s when modern day Spain was born.
Palestine was never an independent region, never had its own language, never had its own laws and customs (always part of Ottoman Empire and then British Mandate, then part of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.)
On the other hand, Israel is mentioned in the Bible, Jerusalem is NEVER even mentioned in the Koran, they had their own language, laws and customs, 3500 years before Islam came into being.