Army Chief on Official Visit to the United States

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Army Commander Gen. Joseph Aoun flew to the United States on an official visit and at the invitation of General Joseph Dunford, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, media reports said Saturday.

Aoun is expected to hold talks with several “military and civilian officials to discuss ways to strengthen relations and cooperation between the armies of Lebanon and the US,” said the reports.

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Thumb gigahabiib 21 October 2017, 17:10

Mt boyfriend The mowatic told me to post the following..
ما جيش بلبنان إلا جيشك يا حسين
I dunno what it means but it is à propos of this stroy. It's supposed to be from a popular Dahieh patriotic anthem that they teach is kindergarten there and it's non sectarian like my boyfriend.

Thumb gigahabiib 21 October 2017, 17:15

Did I say my boyfriend The mowatic. Woops I meant The Mystic. He's someone completely different from mowaten who is not the same person as my boyfriend The Mystic but someone else like two different persons who just happen to think alike on every subject.

Thumb 22 October 2017, 00:35

this dude should travel in the cargo bay, not first class

Thumb liberty 22 October 2017, 08:33

lol he is a aouni and aounis always travel first class with a huge entourage; part of the perks of being a traitor.