US and France Express Strong Support to Lebanon amid Crisis


The United States and France have expressed their support for Lebanon's sovereignty and stability amid heightening tensions between Beirut and Saudi Arabia.

A political crisis has gripped Lebanon and shattered the relative peace maintained by its coalition government since Prime Minister Saad Hariri's stunning announcement Nov. 4 from the Saudi capital that he was resigning.

Lebanese officials have insisted on the return home of Hariri from Saudi Arabia amid rumors he is being held against his will.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement Saturday that Washington calls upon "all states and parties to respect Lebanon's sovereignty, independence, and constitutional processes."

"In this sensitive time, the United States also rejects any efforts by militias within Lebanon or by any foreign forces to threaten Lebanon's stability, undermine Lebanese government institutions, or use Lebanon as a base from which to threaten others in the region," Sanders added.

The White House statement echoed an appeal issued Friday by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is traveling in Asia with President Donald Trump. Tillerson warned other countries against using Lebanon for proxy conflicts.

Lebanon's state-run National News Agency reported Saturday that French President Emmanuel Macron called his Lebanese counterpart expressing France's commitment to Lebanon's "unity, sovereignty and independence."

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Thumb 11 November 2017, 14:04

There's nothing good to support in the first place. We certainly do not wish for a status quo, if beirut must burn in order to disarm and bring to justice the Iranian terrorist occupation power, so be it. The tumour must be removed before it kills the entire host.

Missing bigjohn 11 November 2017, 23:42

To the Israeli Report: You ALL DESERVE to die because your existence is a CRIME!

Missing humble 12 November 2017, 00:16

Fact : More than half of the Lebanese people dislike or hate Ebola.
Fact : More than 90% of the Arabs hate Ebola.

Missing bigjohn 12 November 2017, 00:17

You are nothing but a Zionist thug band all Zionists deserve death

Thumb gigahabib 12 November 2017, 16:15

March 14 are confused; should they blindly follow their American masters or their Saudi masters?