Report: Lebanon Prepares for Arab League Meeting, Bassil 'Likely' to Head Delegation

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Preparations for the Arab League foreign ministers meeting which will be held in Cairo on Sunday to discuss the "violations" of Iran in the Arab countries at the request of Saudi Arabia have accelerated, amid anticipations on what will Lebanon's position at the meeting be, media reports said Friday.

Saudi Arabia's foreign Minsiter Adel al-Jubeir have said a message to Iran exclaiming the kingdom's anger over Iran's action saying “enough is enough.”

Accusing Iran of “aggression” notably in Lebanon and Yemen, he said Iran “is acting hostile and we are reacting and saying enough is enough.”

Jubeir has also stressed the necessity to disarm Hizbullah “which is a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards,” he said and that it should become a political party for the stability of Lebanon.

Diplomatic sources told al-Joumhouria daily that the preparations of Lebanon's file and its delegation to the Cairo meeting had been completed before Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil began his European tour, and the it is “likely that Bassil will lead the delegation.”

The sources said the complaint was mainly related to Saudi Arabia accusing Iran of supplying the Houthis in Yemen with ballistic missiles, one of which was launched from Yemen towards King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz Airport in Riyadh, and that Lebanon was not aware of any amendment of the complaint against any Lebanese group (Hizbullah).

The sources concluded that "the final decision as for the composition of the delegation is expected when Bassil returns from his European tour, and that Lebanon will formulate a position in the conference in consultation with various parties.”

In a press interview on Thursday, Jubeir strongly attacked Hizbullah saying there is global consensus labeling it a “terrorist group” as he voiced calls to disarm the party considering Hizbullah as the “root of Lebanon's crisis.”

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Another one for Lebanon in the shorts, one thing you have to admit imbecile is consistent.