Hizbullah Official Hails Aoun, Expects 'a 2nd Round' of Saudi Escalation


A senior Hizbullah official stressed Sunday that “Saudi Arabia has failed to plunge Lebanon into deterioration, tension, conflicts and strife after Lebanese officials -- topped by the president, the parliament and most political forces -- showed a high level of responsibility towards Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence.”

“This major patriotic, heroic and brave stance has reversed and thwarted the Saudi plan -- although in its first round,” Hizbullah politburo chief Ibrahim Amin al-Sayyed said.

“We will face another round with Prime Minister (Saad) Hariri’s departure from Saudi Arabia to France and the developments that will follow,” al-Sayyed added, wondering about “Saudi Arabia’s next plan to re-trigger the crisis.”

“Hizbullah has information but it is not obliged to rush things and reveal them,” the Hizbullah official went on to say.

He said his group is “relaxed, unworried and not afraid of anything.”

“But if we should worry, we worry for Lebanon and the Lebanese when a foreign state practices these maneuvers against Lebanon and takes it from stability to instability,” al-Sayyed stated.

Hailing President Michel Aoun’s stances during the crisis that followed Hariri’s sudden resignation from the Saudi capital, the Hizbullah official said: “Had the president been someone else, Lebanon would have been in another place.”

“The world has acknowledged the Lebanese president’s strong, courageous and firm stance and his true keenness on Lebanon’s sovereignty, independence, stability and security. This is a bright hallmark in Lebanon’s political history,” al-Sayyed went on to say.

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 19 November 2017, 15:17

When the Iranian owned hezbollah hails Aoun then you know something is wrong.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:24

Why do you pretend to care for Christians?

Thumb Mystic 19 November 2017, 16:26

I seem to care more about them than you do.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:30

Sure sunshine, in your mind. You're illegally occupying Lebanon like your Israeli lovers occupy Palestine.

Thumb Mystic 19 November 2017, 16:34

What am I occupying dear friend?
I am born here, and I will die here.

Israelis bombed my area long before you were born.
Yet you talk about occupation, you never lived here.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:40

You area? Ah yes, what belongs rightfully to my family, then you cheats came in illegally with your Iranian weapons. Keep playing the victim, takia cheat. You're no real citizen, just an Iranian implant and a liar. Keep crying fake^

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:42

No real Lebanese would now down to a foreign power ;)

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:43

Bow down**

Thumb Mystic 19 November 2017, 16:46

If you believe my area and house is your home, then you can come and claim it.

Enough small talk then, be the big man you think you are.

Thumb s.o.s 19 November 2017, 16:48

Israelis are born in Israel for at least 3 generations. You're using the same argument as they are. Palestinians in ain el helwe as well. This is 7aki d3eef.

Elemental, the houthian are building illegally on land near Nabatiye that has been past to us by every generation from at least 3 centuries.now I have another issue with hizbalot living on land purchased by my dad near Aramoun. Can't kick them out. They're thieves, I repeat They're thieves.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:54

Little Prince gets offended by the truth, you sure you don't work for CNN?

Thumb Mystic 19 November 2017, 17:50

Well I can tell you a fact here and now.

You are the weaklings here, whilst the Resistance act you people talk.
Your kingdom failed to get what they wanted from Hariri.

Assad is still alive and Syria has never been better. Which means many new fronts against your country Israel have been placed.

In Iraq the Kurds and ISIS have been pushed back, and in Yemen the Ansarullah kills Saudi troops everyday.

Life is good when it is of action and not small talk.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 18:10

No real Lebanese would praise or bow down to foreign powers. Do me a favor and quit playing the victim, anchor baby.

Thumb whyaskwhy 20 November 2017, 02:23

Your quisling is failing in Lebanon as elsewhere in the world purely because of your religious bigotry. Why dont you simply fall back and call us all Yid lovers? After all that is how your whole party runs it programs on yet does not dare to fire one bullet at Israel. No dont bother being brain washed you would never admit that Kizb is a pure Iranian program run to protect Israel.

Thumb justice 19 November 2017, 15:20

Pack your bags, swim to Iran and hail your ayatollah, terrorist!

Thumb Mystic 19 November 2017, 16:11

Not everyone are immigrants like you.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:25

Lol coming from the Iranian occupier.

Thumb Mystic 19 November 2017, 16:27

You miss the Israeli times don't you?

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:29

Nice redirection! Too bad I'm not Israeli, sorry to burst your takia bubble, foreigner. They're your lovers and exploiters of Christians just like you.

Thumb Mystic 19 November 2017, 16:33

If you are Christian, then I am the Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:33

Cry more^ your highness.

Missing endowed 19 November 2017, 15:31

It is a well-known fact that President Aoun owes his election to his Hizbullah allies, therefore it is not surprising for the Hizb to cover him with praise.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:24

Their fake CNN style narrative failed, now they're gonna deflect and redirect.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:48

I suggest with Mystics lies and arrogance as presented above he now be referred to as "Prince anchor baby bin kharoof al takia"

Thumb tric.portugal 19 November 2017, 16:55

the Hizbullah official said: “Had the president been someone else, Lebanon would have been in another place.”
this is a evidence!! the Patriach of Lebanon say the same...the man that Saudis, Americans and French that want´s to cut the "head" was a true General of the General in the Hariris-Saudis terrorism atack...

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 16:57

Why do you exist?

Thumb barrymore 19 November 2017, 18:32

filthy iranian terrorist

Thumb shab 19 November 2017, 22:21

filthy murdering militia

Default-user-icon M-10452 (Guest) 19 November 2017, 23:04

We are coming to claim your land Mystic... we will remove you and ship you out of our country! EASY

Thumb whyaskwhy 20 November 2017, 02:24

Its all Isreal's fault log onto Google maps for proof. The bearded goat bequeathed it.