Lebanon Voices Reservations on Arab League Statement Calling Hizbullah 'Terrorist'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The closing statement of an emergency Arab League meeting labeled Hizbullah as “terrorist” on Sunday, which prompted Lebanon’s representative to voice reservations over certain clauses.

The statement accused Hizbullah of “training terrorist groups” in Bahrain, “supporting terrorist groups” in Saudi Arabia, and “supporting terror and terrorist groups in Arab countries with advanced weapons and ballistic missiles.”

And describing Hizbullah as a “partner in the Lebanese government,” the statement also accused the group of “spreading extremism and sectarianism” and “interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.”

Iraq also voiced reservations over a clause condemning Iran’s role in the region and another labeling Hizbullah as “terrorist.”

LBCI television said Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil -- who skipped the meeting -- held phone talks with more than 10 Arab foreign ministers and managed to omit from the statement a clause holding “the Lebanese republic” responsible for “Hizbullah’s terrorist acts.”

The Lebanese envoy to the meeting, Antoine Azzam, made carefully weighed comments at the talks.

While not mentioning Iran by name, he said Lebanon condemned all attacks against Arab nations, but blamed exploitable inter-Arab divisions that allowed international and regional powers to promote their interests.

Speaking earlier at the meeting, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister warned that the kingdom would not stand idly by in the face of Iranian "aggression", as Bahrain said Iran-backed Hizbullah was "in total control" of Lebanon.

The Arab League meeting comes as tensions soar between regional arch-rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran, mainly over Yemen and Lebanon.

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Thumb s.o.s 19 November 2017, 21:14

We've been calling them terrorists since May 2000 and even more after Feb 14 2005, and may 7... We're not even going to mention the massacres against sunnies in syria, iraq, etc.

Thumb Mystic 19 November 2017, 21:47

The Sunnis of Palestine gets slaughtered by Israel, and the Arab League are silent.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 21:49

Yet you've welcomed their deaths repeatedly. Try again your highness.

Thumb rocococo 19 November 2017, 23:00

Better be silent than being a hypocrite or liar:

نصر الله: طريق القدس يمر بالقلمون والزبداني

Thumb liberty 20 November 2017, 02:13

Mystic 10 hours ago
Where is the Saudi evidence that Hariri was under threat in Lebanon?

بالفيديو: صورة الحريري ملطخة بالـ”الأحمر” على طريق المطار

Missing arturo 20 November 2017, 07:32

Also, the AL has been impotent in dealing with the massacres in Syria.

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 21:16

They are Iranians occupying lebanese territory and nothing more. No real Lebanese will ever praise or submit to foreign powers. Keep that in mind. Now of course the fake account brigade and anchor babies will come out trying to play the victim. Let's watch!

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 21:46

Refer to the above comment fake account #187^

Thumb Elemental 20 November 2017, 02:42

You really lack the intelligence to come up with your own things huh Movaten?^

Thumb tric.portugal 19 November 2017, 21:38

the Arab League do not condened the atack of the Saudis against the Head of Lebanese State!!!??? amazing...

Thumb tric.portugal 19 November 2017, 21:40

after what is happenning to the Cristhians in Levant because they Islamic Wars!!!??? now the Arab League started the atack against the only Cristhian Nation in all Arab World...Daesh atack, convert to Meca or die,,,

Thumb tric.portugal 19 November 2017, 21:47

The Saudi used the sunni political leader of the lebanese political system to made a huge atack terrorist against the cristhian political power in Lebanon and his not condened by the Arab League!!!??? the acts of Terrorism against the Cristhians in Lebanon are understand and supported by the Arab Militar Sunni League...Trump and Macron the killer of Cristhians in Levant!! give the Mecas the green light to put a end of the existence of Cristhians comunities in the region...what the money can buy...

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 21:42

Funny how you never condemn Iran, ever. They are just as guilty and you blissfully ignore the other half of the issue every single time. If you were truly who you claim to be, you'd acknowledge the whole issue. To the rest you're merely a fake account.

Thumb Mystic 19 November 2017, 21:50

You are the one that agrees so much with Saudi Arabia and Israel calling Hezbollah terrorist.
How come Saudi Arabia have so much in common with the enemy of Israel?

Thumb Elemental 19 November 2017, 21:53

You're both to any real Lebanese, anchor baby. Israel are your lovers, you both illegally occupy land that's not yours, you both exploit Christians, you're both lie and manipulate for your benefit. Keep playing the victim where you're just as guilty as them.

Thumb tric.portugal 19 November 2017, 22:09

the ARROGANCE that the Sunnis League talk to the Cristhians in Lebanon is...amazing!!

Thumb Elemental 20 November 2017, 02:54

Arrogance is ignoring the Iranian Shia side of it too, Movaten.

Thumb whyaskwhy 20 November 2017, 02:20

Mystic dont you get tired of what Kizb keeps preaching? do you not ever stop and ask yourself if they truly were thinking about Lebanons best interest how come Kizb continues to fail with the Lebanese populous? You have a president and a government that supports your every request yet the country your running is failing. What does that tell you? probably nothing but think about it this way if your side was so successful how come Israel is still around?

Thumb Elemental 20 November 2017, 02:30

The anchor baby won't reply, but one of Movaten's fake one's will. Poor guy's so dense he can't even come up with his own responses, he'll just copy/paste from others.

Default-user-icon Lubnani (Guest) 20 November 2017, 07:31

Good one!

Missing phillipo 20 November 2017, 15:20

If most of the world and now the Arab League declare that Hizballah is a terrorist organisation, then who are we to deny this.

Missing phillipo 20 November 2017, 15:20

If most of the world and now the Arab League declare that Hizballah is a terrorist organisation, then who are we to deny this.