Aoun Hails Army for Triumphing despite Being Underequipped


President Michel Aoun on Wednesday hailed the Lebanese Army over its recent victory in the eastern border region against the terrorist Islamic State group.

The military institution is “the strength of the Lebanese nation, people and land, especially during this difficult period in our history,” said Aoun in an army booklet demonstrating the events and results of Operation Dawn of Hills. The booklet was distributed during a military parade marking Lebanon's Independence Day.

“You are the guardians of the country's sovereignty, freedom and independence. You are protecting them through your blood, heroism and sacrifices and also through your attachment to your people. You are the people's security valve and the source of their reassurance,” Aoun added, addressing the army.

“Through your latest victories in the hills, you have proved that not only through arms and equipment armies triumph, but also through resolve, faith, professionalism and courage,” the president went on to say.

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Thumb Elemental 22 November 2017, 21:20

If only the legitimate army of Lebanon would have the proper equipment it rightfully deserves, instead of letting an armed right wing militia having more. Perhaps you should stop bowing down to foreign powers? You had the choice to get them equipped, but of course nothing was done as per the Revolutionary Guards orders.

Thumb Elemental 22 November 2017, 21:25

Queue the fake accounts Saudi/Zionist gag reflex in 3,2,1.....

Thumb liberty 23 November 2017, 06:32

Aoun Hails Army for Triumphing despite Being Underequipped

Stop thieving and equip the army.

Thumb justin 23 November 2017, 08:20

and you really think for one moment this iranian wants to equip the army?

Thumb s.o.s 23 November 2017, 10:11


Missing mohammad_ca 23 November 2017, 13:25

what kind of an idiot president undermines his own army by saying it is underequipped. What will be the morale of the soldiers?

Thumb thepatriot 23 November 2017, 19:50