EU Ambassador Christina Lassen Meets Hariri


European Union Ambassador to Lebanon Christina Lassen met on Friday with Prime Minister Saad Hariri and discussed the recent developments in the country and EU-Lebanon relations.

Lassen welcomed Hariri's return to the country. She expressed hope for a constructive dialogue among political parties carried by a joint understanding of the importance of the stability, unity, integrity and sovereignty of Lebanon and its people. She also commended the Prime Minister for his efforts to safeguard the stability and security of the country.

"Lebanon's independence and stability is a priority for the European Union amidst the regional turmoil," Lassen said. She underlined that the EU will continue to work together with Lebanon to build on the achievements accomplished, including the holding of timely parliamentary elections next year.

"We will pursue our support to the Lebanese institutions, army, security agencies and to the people of Lebanon to respond to the current challenges in the spirit of our longstanding partnership with the country. Our commitment in support of Lebanon is firm and lasting," Lassen stressed.

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Thumb tric.portugal 24 November 2017, 14:54

do not speak about the urgent increase of the proces of refugies return!!!!?? if not then the only thing that the USA embassador go to say to Hariri=Saudis is thanks for putting a knife in the head of cristhians...USA is a true alie with the nations that defends the final erradication of cristhians in Levant, specialy in Lebanon!! first think to do is weaken the political powers of the lebanese cristhians, and for that USA thanks to Macron and Saudi King for the behavour in the last weaks

Thumb tric.portugal 24 November 2017, 14:56

when the Prime-Minister convoqued a meeting with the Cabinet!!!??? is Prime-Minister of Lebanon, do not the representant of the Saudis in Lebanon...