Hariri Reassures on Banking Sector, Ties with Saudi Arabia


Prime Minister Saad Hariri has reassured on the situation of the banking sector and on Lebanon's ties with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.

“We are among the countries that best implement U.S. laws on their banks, especially in terms of transparency,” Hariri told a delegation of economic committees and businessmen who hail from Tripoli and the North.

He was responding to a question about Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir's recent claim that Tehran is “laundering money” through Hizbullah in Lebanon.

“There is very strong cooperation between the U.S. Treasury and the Lebanese central bank. We in Lebanon are implementing all the laws that have been imposed by Congress, so there should be no fears regarding this issue,” Hariri added.

As for the Lebanese-Saudi tensions that followed his shock resignation from Riyadh, which he eventually rescinded, Hariri said: “Our ties with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries are very good and, God willing, you will see constant improvement.”

“There is a challenge in this issue in terms of the dissociation policy, which we will preserve because it is the only course that can rescue the country,” Hariri added.

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