Hariri Slams 'Backstabbers', Promises to Reveal Details Soon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Monday hit out at “political parties” that allegedly tried to “stab him in the back” during the latest political crisis that followed his surprise resignation announcement from Riyadh.

“We are here today to tell everyone that this movement, Rafik Hariri's movement, the Blue movement, which many have tried to eliminate, remains and continues because it is the movement of truth and justice, because it puts the interest of the country above all other secondary interests. We have no personal interest and no family interest, our only interest is Lebanon,” said Hariri during a meeting at the Center House with a delegation from al-Mustaqbal Movement and Beiruti families.

He added: “The upcoming parliamentary elections are crucial for us as they are for the country as a whole, so we have to work hard as a coherent team to complete Rafik Hariri's path, which is the path of building and developing the country.”

Referring to the crisis of his resignation announcement from Saudi Arabia, which he eventually rescinded, Hariri said: “We have been through a difficult crisis. There are those who wanted to exploit our privileged relations with Saudi Arabia to personally hurt me.”

“There are political parties that tried to find a place for them in this crisis by stabbing me in the back and I will deal with these cases, case by case, but I do not hold grudge against anyone, because I am convinced that the country needs all its people to rise and develop,” the premier added.

Hariri, however, promised to “call things by their names” in a TV interview on LBCI on December 21.

“All of you know who tried to stab us in the back, while they were pretending to defy Hizbullah and Iran's policy. They attacked Hizbullah once and Saad Hariri twenty times and they claimed that they were completing Rafik Hariri's path,” Hariri lamented.

Hariri's Future TV has recently lashed out at ex-minister Ashraf Rifi, ex-MP Fares Soaid and political activist Radwan al-Sayyed, while some members of Hariri's al-Mustaqbal Movement have criticized the Lebanese Forces.

Hariri's resignation announcement plunged Lebanon -- long a proxy battleground for bigger neighbors -- into its worst crisis in years.

Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of using armed proxies such as Hizbullah to advance its interests, from Lebanon to Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

In his resignation statement Hariri accused Tehran and Hizbullah -- which has ministers in the Lebanese government -- of destabilizing the country and region.

But he eventually returned home and agreed to stay on as premier after securing an agreement from Hizbullah that Lebanon should keep out of regional conflicts.

Hariri remained in Riyadh for two weeks after his resignation, fueling speculation that he was being “held hostage.”

A Lebanese source close to the premier told AFP that Riyadh threatened Lebanon with economic sanctions unless he stepped down.

Macron intervened, hosting Hariri to Paris for talks, after which he returned home to a hero's welcome.

Hariri has said that the fragile stability in Lebanon "appeared like a small miracle" given the wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

"The desire of all in Lebanon is to save our democracy," he said.

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Thumb s.o.s 11 December 2017, 23:19

The worst backstabber is your cousin Ned. #1 thief with Gibran Bassil.

Don’t even think of attacking Achraf general Rifi, a self made made who climbed the political ladder without any handouts from his father like you Mr Hariri.

Lebanon is not good enough for your family to live here, I guess it’s time for you to join them wherever they are.

Tell Ned to join Ghida as well... you’re a shame to every Lebanese.

Thumb s.o.s 11 December 2017, 23:43

*self made man.

Thumb gebran_sons 11 December 2017, 23:25

Anyone accepting Hizbollah hegemony over Lebanon, Lebanese institutions, and our army is stabbing not only our democracy, but also our future, our economy, our independence, our freedom and our dignity. I wish Saad never left Saudi Arabia as the damage he is causing Lebanon, along with Bassil and Aoun will take generations to fix.

Thumb s.o.s 12 December 2017, 00:57

Read this, it could have been written today


Thumb warrior 12 December 2017, 01:11

Stop using Rafik Hariri's name to advance your political agenda. You have nothing in common with him except the surname.

Nobody stabbed you in the back; you did it by allowing yourself to be a servant of hezbollah and Iran.

Thumb ado.australia 12 December 2017, 16:10

Nothing in common with his father? Wow. Maybe you have more in common then Saad does with his dad. Rafik Hariri was never close to Hezbollah? What short memories you all have. Shall we start posting quotes? All you people are either ignorant or just bad trolls. The problem with all the half cast Lebanese is their foreign allegiance and milking of the Lebanese economy.

Thumb whyaskwhy 12 December 2017, 20:08

Your still living in the euphoria of Syrias mismanagement of Lebanon. All had to obey the Syrian master and accept their demands or die. Yet you choose to say that this is good?

Thumb whyaskwhy 12 December 2017, 20:09

Your still living in the euphoria of Syrias mismanagement of Lebanon. All had to obey the Syrian master and accept their demands or die. Yet you choose to say that this is good?

Thumb ex-fpm 12 December 2017, 13:49

Take a hike and spare us your BS.

Thumb whyaskwhy 12 December 2017, 14:44

Sounds like a great headline for Geraldo Riveras next show. No wonder WJ abandoned you years ago and we all though it odd at the time.....