Reports: British Woman Found Dead in Northern Metn


A dead body found Saturday morning on the side of the Fast Metn Highway has been identified as that of a British woman, media reports said on Sunday.

"The body belongs to a British embassy employee and it carries clear marks of rape," MTV quoted Internal Security Forces sources as saying.

A British embassy spokesman confirmed to MTV "the death of a British woman" in Lebanon, noting that the embassy is closely cooperating with Lebanese authorities while offering full support for the woman's family.

MTV said the woman had spent her night at the Gemmayze nightlife area in Beirut.

LBCI television and al-Jadeed TV identified the woman as Rebecca Dykes, 30.

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Thumb s.o.s 17 December 2017, 19:20

My money is on the houthianz or Syrianz.

Thumb kanaanljdid 17 December 2017, 20:16

Criticizing Hizbullah is dangerous in Lebanon, even a Prime Minister can be murdered for that, so a western naive chick like her had no chance.

Thumb Maxx 17 December 2017, 20:18

My money is on a service driver. Lebanese cab drivers are notorious rapists who target especially foreign women and children. I have yet to meet a foreign woman who had lived in Lebanon for any period of time and had used service cabs regularly who was never once sexually assaulted, or at least survived an attempt.
CCTV footage from Gemmayze will show the car Ms. Dykes got into while leaving Gemmayzeh; the authorities better find the man driving it, cut off his crime weapon with a dull machete, and feed him the offensive tool. Tfeh!

Default-user-icon TTT (Guest) 18 December 2017, 12:58

you were 100% right

Thumb s.o.s 17 December 2017, 21:00

She was a diplomat, I doubt she took service. It has to be at least a real taxi.

Thumb Elemental 17 December 2017, 23:55

She said no to Movaten.

Missing incorruptible 18 December 2017, 00:28

Hahahahaha HA obesession to the next level !
It must be some sort of disease

Thumb liberty 18 December 2017, 00:36

yes Hahahahaha as always a fake 'Christian' from Metn comes to the defense of his Hezbollah;)

Thumb tric.portugal 18 December 2017, 02:04

was the Aliance Torah-Envagelicals-Meca, that aliance do not liked the position of England about Jerusálem...

Thumb s.o.s 18 December 2017, 13:48

England is one of the main reasons the Middle East is still torn apart mr tric.Sykes.

Thumb mobious125 18 December 2017, 11:56

So lets be clear on your words kanaanljdid. A so called 'Naive chick' of a different nation deserves to be raped and murdered if her government criticize hezbollah? I think if a true representative of hezbollah seen your words, they would have something to say to you. This is a terrible crime and the disrespect you have shown to the victim is heartless and cowardly. Shame on you.

Thumb blablablablabla 18 December 2017, 15:53

Those politicising this murderer because of their dirty businesses are on the same level and should be jailed like the killer.

RIP to Rebecca Dykes, you were beautiful and you re being missed.