Jumblat, Wahhab Reject Security Incidents in the Mountains

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat and Tawhid movement chief Wiam Wahhab stressed on Thursday the importance of preventing any security incident in the Mountains.

A statement issued by the Tawhid party said Wahhab visited Jumblat at his residence in Clemenceau and the two Druze leaders agreed to “follow-up the situation in the Mountains, particularly in sensitive areas.”

They stressed it was necessary “to prevent any security incident in the region and increase the coordination between the different forces” there, the statement said.

Jumblat and Wahhab agreed that “security forces should play their role in a firm and quick way to resolve any security dispute,” it added.

Their meeting came a few days after the PSP chief held talks with Lebanese Democratic Party head Talal Arslan, another Druze leader.

Arslan had organized an event at Shouaifat municipality to contain the repercussions of the killing of 19-year-old Ali Sheet earlier in the month.

The young man died after a bank guard in the area of Kouh al-Blata in Shouaifat opened fire on him when he was trying to snatch a woman’s handbag.

Angry residents later blocked roads to protest the killing.

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Default-user-icon Batman (Guest) 22 December 2011, 11:46

I would worry about that Syrian boot licker and prominent traitor Baboon Wahhab to start problems in order to gain publicity... His followers are nothing but hoodlums and street rats...

Default-user-icon You're not Batman (Guest) 22 December 2011, 16:17

No one but those that actually start fights are street rats. Recall one occaision where Druze, them being followers of Jumblat, Wahhab, or Arselan, have ever been part of a fight (other than the conflict of May 7th since they came to our land and attacked us and we only defended and never approached their areas)? Druze are still the calmest sect in Lebanon and we never start problems. So refer back to your history before calling us street rats.

Default-user-icon Woody (Guest) 22 December 2011, 16:54

@Batman, aha! Wahhab is a Syrian boot licker. I give you that. However, since you can easily identify boot lickers, can you please explain to us how many boots Jumblat licks simultaneously? Please enlighten us.