Nasrallah Weighs in on Lebanon's Spielberg Controversy


Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Friday weighed in on controversy in Lebanon surrounding Steven Spielberg's newspaper drama "The Post," saying it was wrong to screen it in Lebanese theaters.

Censorship authorities had recommended the ban because the director is blacklisted by the Arab League over his support for Israel, but Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq reversed the decision, allowing it to open Thursday in theaters across the country.

Nasrallah said Spielberg's name is on a "black list" of Israeli supporters and noted he was blacklisted by the League for donating $1 million to Israel during its 2006 war with Lebanon.

Nasrallah said showing the movie in Lebanon was tantamount to "rewarding" Spielberg under the pretext of art, freedoms and tourism.

Referring to French-Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri without naming him, Nasrallah added: “How is it not normalization when a Lebanese director goes to Israel several times after obtaining a visa from an Israeli embassy.”

Doueiri was briefly held for questioning by Lebanese authorities in September over his film "The Attack," which was partially shot in Israel.

“Lebanon is committed to refrain from normalizing ties with the enemy. Lebanon must honor its commitment and this issue must be addressed to avoid problems in the country,” Nasrallah said.

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Thumb eagledawn 21 January 2018, 17:47

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Thumb janoubi 21 January 2018, 18:06

“من أجاز للأمين العام لـ”حزب الله” أن يُحدّد للبنانيين ما هو المسموح وما هو غير المسموح أن يُشاهدوه من أفلام؟”

Missing phillipo 22 January 2018, 11:19

As this an English Language website of Naharnet, why do you not write in that language?

Thumb janoubi 22 January 2018, 14:08

"Who gives the right to this terrorist to decide what the Lebanese people are or are not allowed to watch"

Thumb warrior 22 January 2018, 05:22

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Thumb shab 22 January 2018, 14:27

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