Report: Bassil 'Won't Apologize' for Berri Remarks

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Free Patriotic Movement stressed on Tuesday that its leader “will not apologize” for remarks he made about Speaker Nabih Berri, as sources close to the Speaker assured that absence of a “public apology” means “there is no government or (President Michel Aoun's) term,” al-Akhbar daily reported on Tuesday,

FPM head and Foreign “Minister Jebran Bassil will not apologize, he would only express regret as he announced through al-Akhbar on Monday,” the daily quoted unnamed FPM sources as saying.

They pointed out that a “public apology” as requested by AMAL Movement, “is considered submission which we reject. We only apologize through our deeds and actions not upon someone's asking.”

A video emerged Sunday night showing the foreign minister calling Lebanon's powerful parliament speaker a "thug" in a closed meeting.

Meanwhile, the daily quoted sources of March 8 camp close to Berri who said: “Shall Bassil refrain from making a public apology, it would mean there is no government or term.”

Bassil, is Aoun's son-in-law and heads his Free Patriotic Movement party.

The leaked video comes amid an escalating dispute between Aoun and Berri over a decree that promoted a number of Lebanese army officers.

The video triggered protests Monday in some areas of Beirut. Some supporters of Berri set fire to tires and to pictures of Aoun and Bassil, shouting slogans against the foreign minister.

Hizbullah, an ally of Aoun but also traditionally an ally of Berri's Shiite AMAL Movement, issued a statement categorically rejecting Bassil's statements. Such statements "do not build a state ... but create more crises and disunity," it said.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri said "Lebanon does not need more escalation" and that he would exert all efforts to calm the political rhetoric in the country.

Lebanese politics is still dominated by the same factions that fought one another in the 1975-1990 civil war.

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Thumb justin 30 January 2018, 10:44

تسرب بعد ساعات لاحقة يوم الاثنين فيديو آخر لباسيل يتحدث فيه عن عرقلة بري وكتلته النيابية العديد من مشاريع القوانين، التي تقدم بها نواب "التيار"، ومنها مشروع استيراد سيارات تعمل على الغاز.
وقال باسيل حرفياً في الفيديو المسرب من لقاء انتخابي في إحدى القرى في #البترون، شمال لبنان حيث سيترشح الوزير: "كنت أحكي عن سيارات على الغاز فيردون إنها ستنفجر، هيدا راسن الذي سينفجر لأنهم بلا فهم!"
وتابع ملمحاً إلى رئيس البرلمان: "يعتقدون أنهم سيضعون يدهم على السلطة التنفيذية كما فعلوا بالسلطة التشريعية، سأقول لكم ما الحل، الحل هو بتكسير رأسهم".فيديو-مسرب-ثان-لوزير-خارجية-لبنان-اعتذار-وحبس-أنفاس-.html

Thumb ashtah 30 January 2018, 11:41

wow! So, Bassil wants to 'break' Berri's head:)
Seriously, this guy is a walking disaster with unbelievable ego. Yet, I agree with what he said about Berri.

Thumb lebnani4ever 30 January 2018, 18:53

Is this the boy acting as a man? While I do not like Bassil either I do agree with him for a change.

Thumb s.o.s 30 January 2018, 19:06

We all agree on that statement. It's a shame he only dares to speak the truth in small committees.

Missing cedars 30 January 2018, 13:30

The next president of Lebanon. You have my vote.

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 30 January 2018, 15:10

Ahhhh. so you're the one!

Thumb lebnani4ever 30 January 2018, 18:54

Heaven forbids

Missing cedars 30 January 2018, 13:31

The hero who can speak up.

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 30 January 2018, 15:13

Have you seen him, he can hardly speak down.. unless he's on the street and speaking to someone hiding in the sewers.

Thumb s.o.s 30 January 2018, 19:03

Excellent one!

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 30 January 2018, 14:53

The best iranian-syrian foreign minister, ever!

Missing ulpianus 30 January 2018, 15:09

I´m not a fan of this man but why should he apologize for saying what the lebanese people feels?

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 30 January 2018, 15:30

Maybe he shouldn't apologize to Berri but he should apologize to the Lebanese people for being a partner and complicit with Berri and co's same stonewalling and obstructing tactics since 2005.
It's just laughable that Bassil and the FPM complain that Berri has closed down Parliament for the past two months forgetting what this same Berri had been doing the same thing with the full blessings of Bassil, his father in law and their C&R block for over 12 years..

Thumb janoubi 30 January 2018, 15:36

agreed but when it comes from a thug and a thief himself then his words are useless.

Thumb janoubi 30 January 2018, 15:40

The irony is Bassil talks about Berri closing and paralyzing parliament while he forgets how he and his treacherous party left the country paralyzed for two and half years and made every cabinet session in Salam's cabinet a wrestling arena.

Thumb s.o.s 30 January 2018, 15:57

The dwarf has the ego of a giant..... for his birthday someone should give him a mirror.

Thumb whyaskwhy 31 January 2018, 00:01

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Again were witnessing Lebanese Management skills 101. Granted both sides over reacted but look at the aftermath both are locked into a corner without the ability to move forwards positively. As the old Leb saying "if we spit upwards it lands on our mustache, however if we spit lower then it will land on the beard".