U.S. Defendant Says Slain Lebanese Disliked Him Because He's Gay


A U.S. police officer has testified that an Oklahoma man charged with a hate crime in the killing of his Lebanese neighbor said the slain man didn't like him because he is gay.

Testimony resumed Wednesday in the first-degree murder trial of 63-year-old Stanley Majors for the 2016 shooting death of 37-year-old Khalid Jabara.

Tulsa officer Josh Metcalf testified Tuesday that Majors called Jabara "creepy" and a terrorist who disliked him because of his sexuality.

Defense attorneys have tried to show that Majors was mentally ill and have said he feared that Jabara's family targeted him because he's gay.

Majors has pleaded not guilty and was found competent to stand trial.

Prosecutors say Majors shot Jabara after years of harassment that included calling the family "filthy Lebanese" and "Moo-slems." The Jabaras are Christian.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 01 February 2018, 18:40

Sadly what ever he gets is not enough in return for the damage he has done to the lives of the Jabara's.