Hariri: Lebanese United over Stability, Security and Consensus is Clear, Significant


Prime Minister Saad Hariri noted Monday that the Lebanese have “united around stability and security and moved the country forward.”

“We approved a budget and a new electoral law,” Hariri said, adding that “the consensus is clear and significant, and we will continue this for the sake of the country."

Hariri, who was addressing the members of the honorary consular corps headed by Joseph Habis, whom he received at the Grand Serail, said: "We must try to do the best we can to serve Lebanon economically, politically and socially, especially that the country is living under the pressure of the Syrian displacement and the economic problem. But all will be fine as long as there is national unity.”

Turning to economy, Hariri pointed out that Lebanon is “heading towards big projects such as the Paris conference, which will be a major breakthrough for the national economy and will focus on developing the infrastructure.”

“There is also the Rome conference to arm and train the Lebanese Army and security forces. We will present strategies about this,” the premier added.

“There is the Brussels conference on Syrian refugees, which we should also focus on,” Hariri went on to say.

Also on Monday, Hariri received U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Elizabeth Richard and discussed with her the latest developments.

He also met with visiting Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos and the accompanying delegation in the presence of Defense Minister Yaacoub Sarraf.

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