Hariri: We Hope to See Lebanon among Leading Countries in Technology


Prime Minister Saad Hariri delivered a speech Tuesday during the launching ceremony of “Ogero’s New Vision” held at the Grand Serail, saying he hopes to see Lebanon among the leading countries in technology in the near future.

“The work of Ogero is essential in the country. The existence of broadband, fiber optic and all the projects that establish a new economy and build a better future for our children is the basis for me. Today we are in an era totally connected to technology, and in any country we visit, whether in Europe, Asia or America, we see that this technology is the most attractive sector for investment because it creates job opportunities for all, young and old,” Hariri said.

“This is what we hope to achieve. If we advance in this area, it will reflect on several fields including education, agriculture, industry, legislations, and the banking sector. The important thing is to provide the suitable infrastructure. In the past, no one worked on this issue, and in 2010 we approved a plan for the development of this sector, but unfortunately and due to the political differences we could not implement it,” he added.

“Today when I look at Ogero, I recall the Ogero that I knew in the days of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. At that time, the Ogero employee would call citizens to ask them if they want to install a phone line and inform them that the administration is ready to do that immediately. Today we have reached a point where the citizen begs Ogero to provide them with one line. What should be done and what is being presently done at Ogero and the Ministry of Telecommunication is working twenty-four hour a day to meet the needs of the Lebanese citizen, and provide high-speed internet. This service should never go down and a backbone network should be installed,” Hariri went on to say.

“We have a capacity sufficient for Lebanon, Syria and Iraq but we did not benefit from it in the past. Today, this government, Minister Jamal Jarrah, Imad Kreidie and all the team are working day and night to provide this. I congratulate you on what you are doing and we hope to see Lebanon among the leading countries in this field soon,” the premier added.

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Thumb gebran_sons 07 February 2018, 01:22

Fast affordable internet is infinitely important in investing in the creative and innovative spirit of the new generation, provide a digital link to the world market, participate in the virtual global office, and gradually reduce the influence of corrupt politicians that have destroyed our economy, stole people dreams, suffocated their aspirations and constructive capabilities, and kept their followers miserable and impoverished so they can influence them with meager degrading subsidies and resistance BS propaganda... just as in Iran! Well done Saad and Jamal Jarrah by focusing on what it is important to liberate and empower the new generation!