Israel Begins Constructing Controversial Wall on Lebanon Border


Israel on Wednesday started constructing a controversial wall along its border with Lebanon, a barrier that Lebanon says would encroach on its territory.

Andrea Tenenti, spokesperson for the United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon known as UNIFIL, confirmed the beginning of works in the Naqoura area and said the force is "fully engaged with both parties in order to find common solutions."

"Any work that is conducted along the Blue Line should be predictable and also coordinated with UNIFIL in order to prevent misunderstanding and decrease tension," he told The Associated Press in an interview at the UNIFIL base in Naqoura.

Lebanese and Israeli military officials had on Monday attended regular U.N.-sponsored talks on the border. Tenenti said both parties demonstrated their commitment to preserve stability.

Israel has in recent days escalated its threats against Lebanon over Lebanon's invitation for offshore gas exploration bids on the maritime border between Lebanon and Israel. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has described as "very provocative" Lebanon's exploration tender and suggested that Lebanon had put out invitations for bids from international groups for a gas field "which is by all accounts ours."

His comments drew sharp condemnation from Hizbullah and Lebanese officials, including Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who described Lieberman's comments as a "blatant provocation that Lebanon rejects."

Israel and Hizbullah fought a devastating month-long war in 2006.

Earlier on Wednesday, Lebanon's Higher Defense Council instructed the country's military to confront Israel if it goes ahead with plans to build the controversial border wall, labeling it as an "aggression" against Lebanese sovereignty.

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Thumb s.o.s 07 February 2018, 18:53

Let them army take it down with RPGs. The LAF that "defeated Isis" lmfao.

Missing fhaffar 07 February 2018, 19:46

You must be joking bro !! The Army take it down ? Wallah the whole of the south will be eradicated if the army fires a bullet at Israel

Thumb s.o.s 07 February 2018, 20:46

It wouldn’t be firing at Israel since the wall infringes on Lebanese territory, or at least so does everyone in our country claims. And it would be firing at cement, not soldiers...

What use for our army if it doesn’t fire at Hizbalot terrorists or Israeli invaders? What? a police job? annoying and harassing civilians at checkpoints, basically being useless. Because we know they were denied a victory against the 20 isis terrorists on our eastern border with Syria.

Thumb chrisrushlau 07 February 2018, 19:13

Naharnet is a tiny part of KSA's grand project to update the Middle East to the Ninth Century AD, Third Century AH. Lebanon's Minister for Cultural Restoration, Lt. Col. Al Rahi, told reporters during his recent Swiss ski holiday, "We'll find our way through this if the money can be found." (All skiing is being done by English surrogates.)

Thumb eagledawn 07 February 2018, 19:40

"Laugh out loud!" Aka, LOL.

Thumb kanaanljdid 07 February 2018, 21:41

Hizbullah is afraid its secret drug traffic activities with Israelis will be made more difficult with the fence, that's why they are winning. But according to the international community, Israel is building on its territory, so nothing can be made against it.

Thumb beiruti 08 February 2018, 02:07

They have a wall “around the West Bank” and now this on the Lebanese border. In Poland the Jewish people lived in a ghetto, of the Pole’s making. Now the Jewish people of Israel are building walls again, apparently the only security they can find is behind a wall, rather than by getting along with their neighbors. The Right Wing Israelis are turning their country into a ghetto. They are not walling Palestinians and Lebanese out as much as they are walling themselves in.

Thumb s.o.s 08 February 2018, 15:44

Think of the Berlin Wall, it was very efficient till the very end when the CCCP collapsed. The westbank wall saw a drop of 95% in “terrorist” attacks in Israel.

Some walls do work... but it’s a bad signal for the future generations.

Missing phillipo 08 February 2018, 16:05

"rather than by getting along with their neighbors."
Now please tell us all,
1. Which country was is which sat down with the Israelis in the late 1980's and reached a prelude document to a peace agreement, a document which was then immediately torn up by the then Syrian occupiers of Lebanon. Answer - Lebanon.
2. When was the last time a Lebanese leader (President, Prime Minister or Foreign Minister) suggested that they sit down with Israel to hammer out a peace treaty. Answer - Never.
So who exactly is it that doesn't want to get along with their neighbour?

Missing cedars 08 February 2018, 04:15

Let me tell you guys a little story...back in the day, the Chinese build a wall seeking peace. They were invaded three times, and their enemy penetrated every time that big wall 'Great Wall'. Come to find out the gate keeper let the enemy inside every time for three times, and the Chinese forgot about the criticality of the gate keeper.
Let's see what the Israelis going to do about the gate keeper.

Thumb liberty 08 February 2018, 04:36

If you are surrounded by filth, a wall is the way to go.

Thumb whyaskwhy 08 February 2018, 15:55

Can they really be blamed? They live in the worst neighborhood in the world and only have Kizballah as an ally so no wonder they are building walls.

Missing phillipo 08 February 2018, 15:57

Please check your facts. Even at the lasst tripartite meeting this week, UNIFIL has confirmed that ALL the planned length of the wall will be south of the Blue Line (the internationally recognised border), in other words completely on Israeli territory.
So why exactly is Lebanon making it controversial? I can understand Hizballah complaining, they do that with everyting pertaining to Israel whilst they themselves refuse to act in accordance with resolution 1701, but why the Lebanese Goverment.

Thumb justice 08 February 2018, 18:23

There is no Lebanese government but a hezbollah iranian owned and operated government from top to bottom. Build your wall and rid yourself of the filth that is called hezbollah and Lebanon.