Kataeb: 'Hizbullah Communications Grid' in Rmeileh Poses Security Risk


The Kataeb Party on Monday warned that a reported military communications grid in the coastal town of Rmeileh near Sidon poses a “security risk to residents.”

“The installation of a Hizbullah communications grid in the town of Rmeileh is a blatant attack on the state's sovereignty and it poses a security risk to residents,” Kataeb said in a statement issued after the weekly meeting of its political bureau.

“The Kataeb Party is worriedly following up on reports coming from some of the area's figures about a cover-up by some ministries for these suspicious activities,” the party added.

Turning to the latest flare-up in Syria, Kataeb cautioned against “entangling Lebanon in the inferno of the region's conflicts and axes or turning it into a proxy war arena.”

“The Lebanese diplomacy should urgently communicate with the U.N. and the international community to confront Israeli attacks and the territorial, maritime and aerial violations of sovereignty, and to confirm the separation of the Lebanese and Syrian tracks,” the party added.

It also urged the state to “regain the initiative and preserve the country's higher interest through monopolizing the decisions of war and peace and adhering to legitimate Lebanese forces to protect security inside the country and defend the border.”

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Thumb i.report 12 February 2018, 22:44

Un état dans l’État. il faut que les citoyens de Rmailé détruisent ce point relais eux-mêmes sinon ils vont se prendre des dizaines de missiles sur la tête. Dire que c'est une localité chrétienne.... qui n'est -une fois de plus- pas défendue par Orangina.

Thumb warrior 13 February 2018, 05:54

Add Rmeileh to the list of Lebanese cities and villages that will disappear from the face of the earth in the next Israeli cleanup operation against Lebanon and its glorious iranian 'resistance'.

Thumb justin 13 February 2018, 10:12

flamethrower is so amaze!

Thumb thepatriot 13 February 2018, 17:02

FT died in Syria...

Thumb s.o.s 13 February 2018, 14:06

who's the local mayor and why is he quiet? he should send his baladiye cops and undo the terrorist work.

Thumb whyaskwhy 13 February 2018, 15:19

He would be lucky to stay alive if he mentions Kizb's name. This party has been responsible for more Lebanese strife than the Yids.

Thumb s.o.s 13 February 2018, 17:21

Feeling important because you know the boss’ name? You’re such a MoFan.... shikhe shikhe...

Thumb shab 13 February 2018, 22:08

Basita, just another target