UK Minister Meets Mashnouq, Stresses Support for Lebanon Stability


British interior minister Amber Rudd stressed Monday her government's continued support for Lebanon's stability during talks in Beirut with Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq.

Underlining keenness on security in Lebanon, Rudd lauded the ministry's preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections and listened to a briefing from Mashnouq about the logistic and administrative mobilization.

“This round will see the highest number of women candidates, which will encourage women voters,” Mashnouq told Rudd.

And following discussions on the latest regional and international developments, the visiting British minister thanked Mashnouq over his “efforts to enhance aviation safety,” the National News Agency said.

“Strengthening the airport's security and safety has been one of the ministry's priorities for more than three years now, in cooperation with the Public Works and Transport Ministry which is carrying out extraordinary efforts in this regard,” Mashnouq told Rudd.

The Lebanese minister also thanked the UK visitor over “the very fruitful British support for the security forces that are under the authority of the Interior Ministry in Lebanon,” explaining to her “the importance of the achievements of Lebanese security agencies, especially the Intelligence Branch (of the Internal Security Forces), in the field of combating terrorism and eliminating sleeper cells.”

Rudd for her part lauded Mashnouq over the stable security situation in the country and thanked him for the serious and instant follow-up that led to the speedy arrest of the suspected killer of British diplomat Rebecca Dykes, the National News Agency said.

She also applauded the efforts of the Lebanese government and Interior Ministry regarding the Syrian refugee file.

A statement issued by the British embassy in Beirut said talks addressed “a range of issues and what more we can do to further strengthen our countries’ bilateral relationship.”

Rudd's visit “was an opportunity to see firsthand how the UK’s £628 million in assistance to Lebanon is helping the country maintain security and stability and supporting local communities coping with the Syrian refugee crisis,” the embassy added.

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