Geagea Urges 'Military Intervention' to Stop Ghouta 'Massacre'


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Thursday called on the international community to “intervene militarily to stop the massacre against civilians” in Syria's Eastern Ghouta region.

“What's happening in Eastern Ghouta is a hallmark of shame for the entire humanity. No matter what the reasons, excuses or alibis may be, nothing justifies the premeditated mass killing of innocent civilians with all types of heavy weapons,” Geagea said in a written statement.

“No terrorism has worse and more terrible outcome than what is currently happening in Eastern Ghouta,” Geagea added.

“Statements are of no use in similar situations and crying and wailing will not save a single child. The only solutions in such cases is for the international community to intervene militarily to stop the massacre that is being committed against civilians in Eastern Ghouta,” the LF leader urged.

The Syrian regime launched the deadly aerial campaign on Damascus' rebel-held Eastern Ghouta region on February 18, with daily bombardments since then turning it into what the U.N. chief has described as "hell on Earth."

The enclave, controlled by Islamists and besieged by government forces for five years, was already subjected to a ferocious five-day air assault this month that left around 250 civilians dead and hundreds wounded.

The new round of strikes by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad has killed more than 360 civilians and wounded 1,700 others since Sunday.

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Thumb s.o.s 22 February 2018, 17:21

Which international community? They’re pretty much all in Syria already. Maybe our LAF could step in, after all they did inflict a huge and memorable defeat upon ISIS in Lebanon...right?

Thumb Southern......... 22 February 2018, 17:48

big heart...all of a sudden!

Missing Ali.Abbas.Badran 22 February 2018, 20:18

“The US-led coalition is preventing anyone from reaching the IS convoy even to provide humanitarian assistance to families, the sick and wounded and the elderly,” the Hezbollah statement said.

...this tragicomic Hezbollah statement was about the stranded air conditioned buses full of poor helpless, but fully armed, IS jihadists and families. Hezbollah had helped them escape the Lebanese Army and people's punishment for executing the captive Army soldiers among other crimes... big heart...all of a sudden? Not would jut be a huge embarrassment for Hezbollah and the Syrian regime if these terrorists revealed how they got to the Lebanese border from Syria to begin with.

Thumb gigahabib 23 February 2018, 00:46

Lol, the biggest mass murderer during the Lebanese civil war speaks of massacres...

Thumb chrisrushlau 23 February 2018, 20:39

He'd go himself but his knee is acting up.