Lebanese Young Man Killed in Canada's Halifax


Lebanon's Foreign Ministry on Sunday expressed "regret and deep sorrow" over the murder of Lebanese young man Hassan Ali Kheireddine in the Canadian region of Halifax.

"Minister Jebran Bassil has instructed the Lebanese embassy in Canada to follow up on the case in order to unveil the details of this horrible crime and the motives behind it," the ministry said in a statement.

Offering condolences to the victim's family and the sons of the Bekaa town of Majdaloun, the ministry urged media outlets to "seek accuracy in publishing news related to this murder and not to fabricate stories and scenarios that may have nothing to do with its real motives."

"Await the outcome of the investigations, which are still underway, out of respect for the feelings of the victim's family," the ministry said.

It also noted that "the Lebanese embassy in Ottawa and the honorary consulate in Halifax are following up on the case with the relevant authorities."

"They are in constant contact with the mother of the victim and have utilized all their capabilities to help unveil the truth and speed up the transfer of the body to Lebanon," the ministry added.

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Thumb s.o.s 25 February 2018, 15:36

He doesn't look Lebanese, more like a Yemenite.

Thumb s.o.s 26 February 2018, 17:58

Not really, ottoman but not Turkmen from eastern nowadays Turkey.

Missing incorruptible 25 February 2018, 15:40

Something very serious is wrong with you guys.
Please go get checked.

Thumb eagledawn 25 February 2018, 19:36

Here we go again... Please please get a life.

Thumb s.o.s 25 February 2018, 16:10

Did you guys see the farmers shirt he’s wearing? LooooL shu Bala zoo2, his clothing style is in itself a heresy!

Thumb ice-man 25 February 2018, 16:44

How Sad.... How Tragic to die of a drug overdose at such a young age!

Thumb whyaskwhy 25 February 2018, 20:06

Its funny cannot find this report on the Canadian news sites.

Thumb Maxx 26 February 2018, 22:35

Here's some news from Nova Scotia:
https://www.halifaxexaminer.ca/featured/lebanese-news-reports-say-a-lebanese-man-was-murdered-in-halifax-but-no-one-here-knows-anything-about-it-morning-file-monday-february-26-2018/#7. Has a Lebanese man been murdered in Halifax?

Apparently, the poor young man appears to have committed suicide, and the reason that it is being reported as a "murder" is because Lebanese authorities seem incapable of comprehending why a young person would commit suicide and always try to find excuses like "murder", "devil worship", "spy", and so on. Either way, Allah yir7amo.

Thumb i.report 26 February 2018, 23:58

he's a coward, like the rest of his kind.

Thumb s.o.s 25 February 2018, 20:17

Why don't they burro him in Canada? Not good enough? Our cemeteries are packed and it would cost 3 tons of carbon gas to being him back. Stop the pollution!!! he should stay there. Fertilizer is fertilizer regardless of the location.

Thumb liberty 26 February 2018, 02:55

Mystic 8 hours ago

Cowards nothing more than that, you deserve death.

But you don't see the incorruptible shia troll from 'Metn' say anything is wrong with Mystic or his comments.;)


Thumb i.report 26 February 2018, 23:56

They mention Naharnet in Canada!!!