Saudi Seeking to 'Restore Balance' to Lebanon's Regional Policy


Saudi Arabia is seeking to restore balance to Lebanon's regional policy and to its "commitment to the dissociation policy," a media report said.

Lebanese political sources who followed up on Saudi envoy Nizar al-Aloula's visit to Lebanon told al-Hayat daily that "Riyadh asked about what Lebanon is hoping from the international support conferences that are scheduled to be held in the next two months."

The conferences will rally support for Lebanon's armed forces and economy and will discuss means to help it cope with the burden of the Syrian refugee crisis.

"This will be discussed during Hariri's visit to Riyadh," the sources added.

Hariri met Saudi King Salman on Wednesday in his first visit to Saudi Arabia since his bizarre resignation announcement in the kingdom sparked a crisis between Beirut and Riyadh.

Hariri announced on November 4 that he was stepping down in a  televised address from Riyadh, only to rescind it the following month after France intervened.

The shock resignation stirred tensions between Riyadh and Beirut, amid suspicions Hariri had been placed under house arrest.

Hariri is also due to hold talks with powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whose impact on the kingdom's policies has steadily expanded since his appointment as heir to the throne in June.

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Missing humble 01 March 2018, 12:18

He cannot continue his soft attitude with Ebola.

Thumb ado.australia 01 March 2018, 15:52

If KSA now realizes that Lebanon is not a pawn in their regional chess board... then good! They may believe that Hariri is theirs, but Lebanon is not. Once Hariri is the Prime Minister of the republic of Lebanon, then they must treat him with the respect that position deserves!

Thumb justin 02 March 2018, 10:34

"they must treat him with the respect that position deserves!"

like you do when you call him the emir of daesh in Lebanon or when you put him under house arrest and surround his residence in May 2008:)