Reports: Suzanne al-Hajj Involved in Hacking of Govt. Websites

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Detained Lt. Col. Suzanne al-Hajj was involved in successful and unsuccessful attempts to hack websites belonging to several ministries and state institutions, media reports said.

Al-Hajj and a hacker identified as E.Gh. are being interrogated by the Intelligence Branch of the Internal Security Forces on charges of “fabricating” a spying for Israel case for detained comedian Ziad Itani.

“The initial interrogation period has been extended for another 48 hours,” al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Monday.

Al-Hajj and the hacker “are also being interrogated on suspicion of fabricating cases for other innocent individuals some of whom were prosecuted by the judiciary,” the daily said.

Quoting ministerial sources, al-Akhbar said the investigation also involves successful and botched hacking operations against websites belonging to the ministries of foreign affairs, culture and energy and accounts belonging to the interior minister and the OGERO authority.

“The hacker claimed that al-Hajj had asked him to carry out the operations after she was sacked from her post in the bureau for combating cyber crime,” the sources said.

“She wanted to give the impression that 'the country was in ruins' (on the cyber crime front) after she was fired,” the sources quoted the hacker as saying.

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq has announced that Itani, who has been in detention since November 2017, is innocent.

According to media reports, al-Hajj hired the hacker E.Gh., a State Security informant, to create fake social media accounts with the aim of framing Itani. The hacker used Israeli IPs to carry out the plot.

The reports said al-Hajj sought “revenge” against Itani after he posted a screenshot of a Twitter 'like' placed by her on a post for controversial director Charbel Khalil. Al-Hajj was sacked by the ISF command over the 'like'.

Khalil's tweet contained insults against Saudi Arabia and Saudi women.

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Default-user-icon walid (Guest) 05 March 2018, 15:33

I'm so confused

Thumb s.o.s 05 March 2018, 15:44

“Fanta, welcome to the world” of the orange/FPM where manipulation, dissimulation and extortion is the norm.

God bless the general of generals, king of kings, caliph of caliphs Michel Aoun the Shia imam.

Thumb lebnani4ever 05 March 2018, 16:28

She is too good looking to be a bitch. we should give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she is innocent until proven guilty.

Thumb justice 05 March 2018, 16:46

because this is the state of hezbollah and iran.

Thumb justice 05 March 2018, 16:48

it is not just al akhabr ya irani it is all news media. It is your Interior Minister who said the man was framed. So, stfu!

Thumb 05 March 2018, 18:43

By the way, this is unveiled just on time for the general amnesty. Who believes in coincidences?

Worst case scenario she'll serve a couple of years like the 4 generals (Jamil Sayed and Cie) behind Rafic Hariri's assassination cover up.

Thumb justin 05 March 2018, 18:54

finally, the troll flamethrower/mowaten agrees that Al Akhbar is sewer media.

Thumb lebnani4ever 05 March 2018, 21:28

Who said I did not? You are such an idiot to ASS U ME buddy.
besides, Itani is ugly. lol lol lol

Thumb justice 06 March 2018, 16:34

You should have seen her before the multiple plastic surgeries she's had; she looked like the back of a shoe.

Thumb justice 05 March 2018, 16:45

How many innocent people did she and her likes in General Security framed and then obtained confessions under torture.

The heads of these so called security agencies should immediately resign and put on trial along with those at the military joke court.

So, do you think the Lebanese people believe when they read articles that always say "the suspect confessed to ........."


Thumb janoubi 05 March 2018, 17:14

The hacker she hired had every conversation he had with her taped. She was faced with the taped evidence and she started telling her story.

What an evil woman!

Thumb ex-fpm 05 March 2018, 17:41

This goes beyond the character of suzanne al hajj. This is the tip of the iceberg of corruption, manipulation, and evil that characterize those in power..... from top to bottom.

Thumb whyaskwhy 05 March 2018, 23:16

Its a sad day indeed, in a nation where women have had little say, it is terrible to see the shame she brings to the many ladies serving the nation who have had to deal with chauvinism and religious intolerance. Not sure about her trials and tribulations that she went through to get into the position that she was in but what a shallow and irresponsible person she proved to be to allow her self to be manipulated by the Orange. Then again I digress are they not all manipulated?

Thumb warrior 06 March 2018, 01:04


Thumb liberty 06 March 2018, 06:30

أسعد بشارة وزياد عيتاني يكشفان ملابسات قضية المقدم سوزان الحاج

"أنا أطرح سؤالاً على محامي الدفاع عن الفنان زياد عيتاني البريء: هل سئل عيتاني أثناء التحقيق معه لدى أمن الدول عن قضية سوزان الحاج أم لا؟ أمر آخر، إحالة الملف من أمن الدولة إلى فرع المعلومات هو بحد ذاته إعادة للتحقيق إلى نقطة الصفر وتشكيك بما اتهم به الفنان زياد عيتاني.. ولا أكشف سراً، لكن الناس يعرفون أن هناك مرجعية حاولت أن تمنع انتقال هذا الملف من أمن الدولة إلى فرع المعلومات، علماً أن الأجهزة الأمنية في لبنان بأكملها أصلها داتا الاتصالات، وبالتالي تعرف أن تحقق باتصالات الفنان زياد عيتاني وما إذا كان متورطاً أم لا، وبناءً على هذا الأمر تم نقل الملف إلى فرع المعلومات والذي يتصرف اليوم بما لديه من معطيات حول هذه القضية".أسعد-بشارة-وزياد-عيتاني-يكشفان-ملابسات-قضية-المقدم-سوزان-الحاج

Thumb ashtah 06 March 2018, 12:33

This is what the FPM and Jreisati are doing!!!!
صراع سياسي أمني قضائي… أبو غيدا: عيتاني لم يعترف أمامي بأيٍّ من التهم المنسوبة إليه
ولم يقف التجاذب عند الوزراء والأجهزة الأمنية فحسب، بل وصل إلى القضاء بعد توزيع معلومات على شكل أخبار عاجلة، تتحدث عن توجه لدى وزير العدل سليم جريصاتي، لإحالة النائب العام التمييزي القاضي سمير حمود، ومفوض الحكومة المعاون لدى المحكمة العسكرية القاضي هاني حلمي الحجار، إلى هيئة التفتيش القضائي، لأن الأخير هو من أشرف على التحقيقات التي أفضت إلى توقيف المقرصن غبش والمقدم الحاج، قبل أن يقرر القاضي حمود احتجازهما على ذمة التحقيق، بالإضافة إلى مطالبة البعض بكفّ يد القاضي رياض أبو غيدا عن الملف وإحالته إلى التفتيش القضائي، بسبب إرساله الاستنابة القضائية إلى شعبة المعلومات، بدلاً من جهاز أمن الدولة.

Thumb justin 06 March 2018, 12:58

yes, in search of the truth the FPM justice-less minister is threatening to investigate the judges who appear to be seeking the truth and remove them from their posts.