Casualties in Fierce Clashes at Shatila Palestinian Camp


Fierce clashes erupted Wednesday at the Shatila Palestinian refugee camp on Beirut's southern edges, media reports said.

MTV said several people were killed and wounded in the fighting between the Fatah al-Intifada and al-Saeqa groups, which involved the use of “machineguns and some rocket-propelled grenades.”

The majority of the casualties were transferred to the Haifa hospital amid preparations to transfer others to the al-Maqassed hospital, the TV network said.

Al-Jadeed television meanwhile reported that one person was killed and two others were wounded in the clashes.

“Cautious calm is engulfing the camp amid efforts to contain the clash,” it added.

By long-standing convention, the Lebanese Army does not enter the twelve Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, leaving the Palestinian factions themselves to handle security.

That has created lawless areas in many camps, some of which contain extremists and fugitives.

More than 450,000 Palestinians are registered in Lebanon with the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA. Most live in squalid conditions in 12 official refugee camps and face a variety of legal restrictions, including on their employment.

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Thumb janoubi 07 March 2018, 18:21

Liberating Palestine through the slums of Beirut much the same way hezbollah is liberating Palestine through Syria, Yemen, Iraq, etc.

Thumb janoubi 07 March 2018, 18:46

but ya iraní you are not islamist?

Thumb s.o.s 07 March 2018, 21:46

He isn’t Islamist, he’s jihadist like Jihadi John or Jihadi Hassan Nusralot. The first one is dead, the latter about to join the first one :)

Thumb roflmfao 07 March 2018, 18:37

al-Saeqa eh; looks like Bashar's resurrecting the old ghosts in the camps. What next a beeline to Damour and Jiyeh ROFLMFAO

Thumb canadianleb 07 March 2018, 19:24

What the Israelis and the Arab states started the Palestinians are finishing. Good work people kill each other... bunch of loosers

Missing phillipo 07 March 2018, 20:35

In the end, it is the fault of the Lebanese Government and the LAF that there is so much weaponry in the Palestinian camps, it is their fault that the LAF or the police can not even enter the camps, never mind control them.

Thumb whyaskwhy 07 March 2018, 21:44

This is the first step for liberating Palestine, lol as Kizballah is liberating Palestine through Syria. They are all of the same thought and mind and hence why they are living the high life they enjoy lol. Oh yeah and death to the Yids lol