Hariri Urges Votes for 'Rafik Hariri Project, Stability, Economy, Arab Identity'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced Sunday that each vote that goes to a Mustaqbal Movement candidate in the May parliamentary elections will be “a vote for Rafik Hariri’s project and for Lebanon’s stability, economy, sovereignty and Arab identity.”

“Whoever loves Saad must vote for Mustaqbal’s lists wherever they may be and in all districts,” said Hariri during a ceremony to announce Mustaqbal’s candidates.

“Rafik Hariri protected the country with his blood, so it is not too much if we protect him with our votes,” Hariri said.

Referring to the head of al-Mustaqbal bloc ex-PM Fouad Saniora’s decision not to run in the elections, Hariri hailed the former premier for “giving a splendid example about a successful legislator, minister, premier and statesman.”

He said Mustaqbal’s platform for the elections is a platform of “legitimacy, moderation, coexistence and the project of the state,” stressing that “only the constitution, state institutions, army and security forces can protect Lebanon.”

“We are all working to serve you and serve a grand project based on protecting the country and its stability and safety as well as protecting the constitution, freedom, democracy and sovereignty,” the premier added.

He said Mustaqbal’s platform also involves “protecting social security and the national currency, boosting the economy and finding jobs for young men and women.”

Below are the names of Mustaqbal’s candidates as announced during the ceremony:

- Sidon-Jezzine district: Bahia Hariri and Hassan Shamseddine

- Chouf-Aley district: Mohammed al-Hajjar and Ghattas Khoury

- West Bekaa-Rashaya district: Mohammed al-Qaraoui, Amin Wehbe and Ziad al-Qaderi

- Zahle district: Assem Araji and Nizar Dalloul

- Baalbek-Hermel district: Hussen Solh and Bakr al-Hujeiri

- Tripoli-Minieh-Dinniyeh district: Mohammed Kabbara, Samir al-Jisr, Dima Jamali, Nehme Mahfoud, Layla Shahoud, Shadi Nashabeh, Walid Sawalhi, George Bikassini, Qassem Abdul Aziz, Sami Fatfat and Othman Alameddine

- Akkar district: Tarek al-Merehbi, Mohammed Suleiman, Walid al-Baarini, Hadi Hbeish, Khodr Habib and Jean Moussa

- Beirut’s second district: Tammam Salam, Nouhad al-Mashnouq, Rola al-Tabsh Jaroudi, Ghazi Youssef, Rabih Hassouna, Bassem al-Shab, Nazih Najm, Zaher Walid Eido, Ali al-Shaer and Saad Hariri

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Thumb janoubi 11 March 2018, 19:27

“Whoever loves Saad must vote for Mustaqbal’s lists....."

I guess not many people do.

Thumb ashtah 11 March 2018, 19:45


Thumb thepatriot 12 March 2018, 03:34

Well it depends Janoubi... if I was voting in the Bekaa, i would rather vote for him than for Ebolas...
"Tout Sauf Hezbollah"!!!!

Thumb gebran_sons 12 March 2018, 21:25

12 years after the first Useful Idiot allowed Hizbollah to take over Lebanon and destroy its democracy, independence and economy (from unparalleled optimism and 6% GDP growth prior to 2006 War to object misery and negative growth), now the second useful idiot is giving legitimacy to Hezbollah's occupation and rape of a country by a militia created, armed, financed and indoctrinated by criminal Iranian Basij and Assad regime. Pity a nation!

Thumb justin 11 March 2018, 19:36

توقفت الاشتباكات في مدينة بعلبك عند الساعة الخامسة والربع من عصر اليوم الاحد، بعد تدخل الجيش وتسييره دوريات في المدينة.

وكانت الاشتباكات قد بدأت بخلاف فردي بين شخص من آل دندش وآخر من آل مصري، ما لبث ان تطور إلى اشتباك بالأسلحة الرشاشة وإطلاق قذائف آر بي جي في الهواء، بين أشخاص من آل دندش وآخرين من آل صلح ناصروا آل مصري، في حي الشعب ومحلة الشراونة في بعلبك، وسمع صدى الطلقات وانفجار القذائف في كل أنحاء المدينة، قبل ان يتدخل الجيش ويعيد الهدوء.

وأدت الاشتباكات إلى أضرار مادية في عدد من المنازل، كما تضررت صيدلية شرف الدين في بعلبك، ومقهى ضوء القمر على طريق بلدة نحلة، وتحطم زجاج سيارة رئيس اتحاد بلديات شمال بعلبك خليل البزال، وسيارة رباعية الدفع يملكها فؤاد زعيتر.

Thumb ashtah 11 March 2018, 19:45

and how many people got arrested? None

Thumb galaxy 12 March 2018, 13:10

Stop using Rafik Hariri's name to advance your political agenda. People are not naive and they know you have nothing in common with him.

Thumb barrymore 12 March 2018, 13:18

lol @ 'Rafik Hariri Project'

Thumb whyaskwhy 12 March 2018, 14:17

Its election time so he as well as others will suddenly all grow a conscience and will be recalling the dead not to mention kiss babies for votes. Nothing should surprise us now, Kizb will be preaching death and destruction while the opposition will be preaching rebuilding and the economy.